Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oy Vey

Well, this winter is not loosing it's grip at all.  I have had my head in the sand a bit lately, not wanting to hear so was a bit taken by surprise by another storm on Monday.  I did hear (after I got the call that school was cancelled) that we were expecting 1-3 inches of snow on Monday.  But really.  We ended up with 10 inches.  How wrong can you be???

Aidan has his hockey lesson on Monday mornings at 6 am.  His coach is Canadian.  So, do you think he cancels?  Nope.  I'm sure Pat thought we were crazy.  At least at first.  But, when I saw that there were about 9 inches of snow I had to clear off the car before we could hit the road, I already knew my office would be closed and I could take my time coming home.  So, Aidan and I got in the car and decided to have an adventure, one road at a time, and drive to the Ice House in Ashburn.  We made it just fine.  The roads were snow covered, and I had it in 4 wheel drive.  But, it really only took us about 5 minutes longer, even with me driving much slower.

And I'm glad we went!  No one showed up for the lesson after Aidan's, so Coach Troy kept the kids and ended up working with them for two hours!!  And then just let them play for another half hour.  They had a great time.

We got home a little after 9:00 and it was still snowing. . .

 We knew we needed to get out there to start clearing our driveway and pipestem, but Aidan was a tired boy. . .and so was Mama!!
So, we decided it could wait a couple of hours.  We did get out there later and got it all cleared.  And we're now hoping and praying that that is it, thank you very much!  We'd like to put these things (shovel and snow blower) away for good already!

Ah well.  At least it is March now. . .

In other news, it's hard to believe that six years ago today we landed in Moscow on our return trip!  We had left the US on the 18th and arrived early in the morning of the 19th nervous and excited and ready to get moving on this final legal portion of our journey to become parents.  It was snowing in Moscow that day, too. . .although, now that I think of it, Spring had already started here at home!  grrr. . .

Have a great rest of the week!

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