Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Refocusing Our Attention on Projects

We are in Hockey limbo right now.  Aidan's Power Play Select tryouts are still 10 days away and the Viper Elite team doesn't start until April 12th--4 weeks away.  But, there are some stick and shoots in the offing:  one in Haymarket today and one in Ashburn next weekend.  Plus his Monday morning lessons continue. . .

So, with the extra time, we have been focusing back on our project list.  The gas fireplace will be installed this coming week or the week after. . .yeah!!!  And finally!!!!  And of course Spring starts on March 20th. . .aw well.  We'll still have some chilly nights that will feel good by this fireplace.

The new very large big screen TV has been installed above where the gas fireplace is going. . .The people are life size on it!  It's fun, though, to watch hockey and movies on it.

After that, we're going to focus on getting that bar built in the Man Cave.  Finally.  And when that's done, our basement finishing project will be complete.  Finally.  After 7 years.  We don't want to rush anything!

We've been working on pricing gas cooktops, sinks and granite for the kitchen.  We can't seem to find what we want or need for the cooktop.  It's been a bit distressing.  I know what I want for the sink though--it's a granite composite and very nice looking.  Deeper.  And we have gotten sidetracked by a beautiful wood countertop we saw at Lowes that would look very nice on the island. . .so, we decided to table our kitchen remodel for one year.  We need to think through our options and wants for a bit and then we'll proceed with redoing everything next year.

In the meantime, we decided to move forward with replacing the rest of the carpet upstairs, do some painting and etc.  The carpet is original and I just can't begin to stomach having it cleaned again.  So, the three bedrooms are going to be converted to the wood floor like we have downstairs.  And then the hall way and both sets of stairs will be a slightly darker carpet with some kind of pattern (hide the stains!).  I mentioned the possibility of doing this to Pat last night and he was so happy!  He really liked this idea a lot and now I don't have to schedule another carpet cleaning. . .

The only other project we're hoping to do this year is redo our backyard (which sounds bigger than it really is) and put in the patio (again sounds bigger than it really is!)  I'm ready to refocus on the outside.  Alas, it would appear that this will need to wait for at least another few weeks as we have snow in our forecast.  Again.  sigh.

And since this blog is really supposed to be about Aidan. . .

Aidan is doing great in school.  There are two weeks left of the third quarter and I think he's going to have some E's again on his report card.  He had a Matter (liquid, solid, gas) test last week that we studied hard for.  I was thinking he didn't understand any of it but boy was I wrong!!  He not only got every answer correct, he did the extra section for additional points without a problem too!!  Woo Hoo!!  He did get a point off on his February quiz. . .he put down that there were 29 days in February.  This could be because he wasn't paying close enough attention or he has actually been hearing me say that we got the call to come back to Russia on February 29th.  Either way, my kiddo is still very smart!!!

He has decided he wants an Ice Skating Birthday Party again this year.  We haven't done one for a couple of years, but this will be fun for him.  And he can show off to all friends!  : )

And, I noticed the other day that the top of his head was right at my chin.  Sure enough, he has actually grown.  But, I'm not doing the official measurement until his birthday, still two months away.

Last Saturday, I bought him new sneakers. . .they make me think of sunshine!

And yes, I did try them on.  And yes, they fit me perfectly. . .he's now wearing a 4 1/2 shoe (boys) which made me look at his skates. . .I think he needs new skates!  They have to be too tight, although he's not complained yet.

This afternoon, Aidan and I have a Mommy and Aidan date.  We're going to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman and then go to dinner.  Our friends, Joan and Ian are joining us.  We met Ian when Aidan was in Mini Mites a few years ago and have stayed in touch.  Such fun!!  Sadly, the dads, Tom and Pat, can't join us this time.  Hopefully next time!!

Tomorrow I'm thinking of taking Aidan to a Free Skate (Idon't know why they call it that because it's not free. . .)  

That's about it!  Time to go and color my hair. . .I have a bit of grey that needs to be covered up.

Have a great weekend!

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