Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Six Years To Today's Joy

It's really hard to believe that six years have gone by since Pat and I stood in front of the Judge in the Krasnoyarsk court carefully explaining why we would be good parents for Aidan.  In all honesty, it sometimes seems surreal that we did that.  I know that we did--we have the scars to prove it (see this post  But we did ultimately get our "Da" and that was what counted.  But, the thing is, Aidan fit so seemlessly (or so it seems now!) that it's hard to imagine that he has not always been with us!

And when I think about me, that day, so nervous and careful.  Worrying about every little thing I was saying.  Every nuance of every word.  My facial expressions.  My ability to show just who I was in one short hour (that seemed like an eternity at the time).  And the me on that day would never have imagined what joy this boy has brought to our lives.  It was still a dream.

And still, the me on that day, had hopes and dreams of what our family would become and how we would be.  But, I guess I still didn't have any idea at all that I would be arranging my entire life around my son's hockey schedule!!  Or his school homework!!  Or his play time!!  I didn't really have a concept of what being a mother meant.  I knew on a deep primordial level, but I didn't really know.  I had no idea the joy it would be to have my entire life wrapped up in everything my child is and does. Or about how fun it would be talking over things Aidan is doing or saying with Pat.  I really had no idea how in love with one little boy I would become!

I wish I could see that Judge again and thank her for giving us the chance to be his parents and to tell her what a wonderful human being he is becoming.  And already is.  And to thank Galina, the Director at the baby home and also tell her of the wonderful little man Aidan is.  And Yelena and Serge for all they did to help us make this happen.  I can't tell them personally, but I will send out to the cosmos my heartfelt and joyful thanks.

And now, six years later, I have the pleasure of sitting on the porch (yeah it was warm on Saturday!!!) and listening to Aidan play street hockey on our pipestem with his buddies.  Or having him come up and say, "Mom can I. . .???"  Or going over his homework and seeing so many marks indicating he is Exceeding requirements.

Oh the joy these six years have brought us.

And now, to celebrate, Aidan has his next travel team tryouts tonight.  And tomorrow night.  I did say my entire schedule is arranged around hockey, right?  : )

Have a great week.

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