Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wrapping Up School, Seasons, and Heading into Summer

Tryouts are finished and Aidan made the team. . .in fact, all the usual suspects made it.  There are a couple of surprises, but nothing major.  It's going to be a very good team and a lot of fun.  We'll take Aidan to get fitted for his new uniform on the 16th and hand in our paperwork and our money.  So exciting!!  Practices will start in August--possibly sooner and then exhibition games in September.  The season will begin in early November with about 20 games and 4 tournaments.

The Elite team has continued.  These boys, which include the above mentioned usual suspects, are really working hard and learning so much!  It's amazing to see them making moves that aren't usually taught until kids are 14 or 15.  So cool!  I do think the coach of this team is a bit of an egomaniac, but he is teaching the boys some great skills.  Our first tournament is coming up in Stamford, Connecticut.  Aidan will miss the last day of school for that one.

One of the moms sent me a picture sequence of Aidan from the last tournament.  It's fun to look at. . .at least for me, the mom. . .

If you look closely, you can see the blue puck in the middle top of the net in the first picture and then slightly lower in the second picture.  I did feel sorry for this team as this was the scene for much of the game. . .

There's just one week left of school. . .yippee!!!  Our evenings will no longer be spent rushing to get homework done and preparing for the next day.  We'll still be preparing for the next day, but no more homework!!!!I do want to say that Aidan will still work on his reading and math skills over the summer. . .just not every night!  : )

Last weekend was the car show.  Pat showed his '73 Corvette in downtown Leesburg.  This show is a lot of fun.  The boys go and line up with everyone else showing cars and then they parade into town and park along the streets, which are closed off to through traffic.  Once in place, Pat calls me and I walk down to meet them--The Corvette only seats two and I can't not let Aidan go!!  We then walk around and look at all the cool cars.  We stopped in at Kings Court Tavern and had dinner, which was very good and a decent price to boot.  And, as luck would have it, our waiter's mother has Celiac so he was really on it on making sure I was Gluten Free!  So awesome!!

Our neighbor showed his Mustang and was set up right next to Pats 'vette.  So wish I was not in the picture!!!  Yeesh, this Gluten Free diet is making it really hard to lose weight!!  : )

Speaking of the Gluten Free world. . .I had a follow up blood test at the beginning of May and then went to see the Dr. for the results.  He was very very pleased.  He said my blood work shows that I am about 95% free of all glutens. . .already!!  He said my numbers were so low that if he didn't know I had Celiac he would not have known.  He said I was doing very good!  : )  Yeah me!!!  Usually, it takes about 6 months to 2 years to get all of the gluten out of your system, so I am really doing all the right things.  Now we're trying to boost my vitamin deficiencies.  I am still taking the Iron supplement -boo, hiss!! and I have to take 2000mg of Vitamin D daily, plus a mega blaster of Vitamin D once a week and Calcium and B12.  I'll get tested again in October to see how my vitamin levels are doing.  The doctor did say that my weight gain (currently about 7 or 8 pounds) is absolutely normal and is due to my body now absorbing everything which it wasn't before.  This is a good thing, he says, and will stabilize and get easier for me to deal with with time.  I am just to concentrate on staying gluten free, get exercise and regular sleep (yeah right on the sleep part!!).  Overall, I have to say I feel so much better!  I had no idea I wasn't feeling well.  So, this is all good!

The pool opened Memorial Day weekend and I finally made it last weekend for a couple of hours with Aidan. . .no pictures of me in a bathing suit.  I promise.  No one wants to see that!!!  But, here's one of Aidan right before I convinced him it was time to go home. . .do his lips look blue to you???  That water was freezing!!!!
He had the shivers so bad at one point, I wrapped him up in both of our towels and set him in the sun to warm up!!  He loves it, though, and was still a little mad at me for taking him home!  : )

Well, that's about it.  We're heading into summer time, summer camps, thunder storms and vacations.  It's going to be a lot of fun!!!

Have a good weekend.

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