Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Connecticut Tournament

Well, we have had our first full ice, all the rules apply tournament behind us.  The boys did fantastic!  So proud of them.  This is a group of boys pulled together from three rival teams and they became a team themselves this weekend.

The coaches from the big rival of Ashburn were on the sidelines (dads of a couple of the boys) and they were a huge help in talking to the boys and working with them off the ice.  It's unfortunate that the coach the organizer of this team sent didn't know our boys nor did he seem to care to get to know them. . .but that's a whole 'nother story, my friends.

Just saying one more quick thing about the organizers. . .they have had our money since February and yet we still had to provide our own socks and the boys had to wear a plain white jersey.  The names were on them, but the letters were peeling off after one game.  So frustrating. . .

Anyway, back to how the boys did. . .they have only practiced a couple of times using the off sides rules and face off rules.  They have the break outs down really well.  If we can get all the players to stay in their own position, they will be really really good!!

Bottom line:  These boys will be ready for full ice full rules hockey next year when they move up to Squirts.

In the locker room with the boys. . .

Waiting to go on the ice. . .
Aidan on a break away!!!

We had one game at this ice house. . .you can see the building, right?  That is a marina in between me and the building.  This location was awesome!!  It was at a cove which was on Long Island Sound.  We had some free time, so we came back here for a little sit in the sand and wade in the Sound time.  Perfect and it was a lovely afternoon!

The dark smudge at the far edge on the horizon is Long Island.  I was so glad it stopped raining!  All Aidan wanted to do was hang out outside on his off time.

After this we went back to the hotel and then walked a couple blocks to a place called Remo's.  We sat outside and ate our meal.  Perfect!  Wonderful food.  Highly recommend the place:  Remo's in Stamford, Connecticut.

The boys won 2 and lost 3.  But the losses were all by 1 point and were hard back and forth battles.  The teams they played have been playing together since last fall--on full ice, with all the rules.  I think our boys did awesome.

Next up, the Gatorade Challenge at Hollydell in New Jersey.  And then we'll be done with tournaments until fall!!

Oh, and by the way?  Schools out!!!!  Yeah!!!!!

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