Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hollydell and Philadelphia

Well, we did another tournament this past weekend.  It was in New Jersey, although we actually stayed in Philadelphia. . .in a very bad hotel. . .which the Sheraton will hear about from me!  With pictures. . .  Really bad. . .

Anyway, we weren't there about the hotel.  We were there about our awesome boys!

They played a total of five games.  2 games on Friday, both were wins; 2 games on Saturday--one of which was a Semi Final Game at 8:00 pm!!, and again both were wins.  In fact, the Semi Final Game was stopped within the first minute of the third period because our boys had gotten up by 10 points. . .I like this rule. . .and then they played the Final game, against the home team of Hollydell . . .and lost by one point. . .which was scored in the final 30 seconds of the game. . .talk about a heart breaker!

The boys all played very well.  They could pass more and use the skills they have been practicing more, but they played very very well.  Aidan played Defense this weekend because the team was short on D.  He has never played D before, aside from the short little shifts on House League.  And he has never ever practiced D before.  I was very pleasantly surprised!  Really did well!

And we did more while on this trip than just hockey.  We actually made it into the city to see some sites!

We got incredibly lucky and found street parking just a block away from Independence Hall right by Washington Square.  Two hours for less than $5.00!

This is the backside of Independence Hall. . .The is a great patriot named Barry. . .I am not sure who he is, but will look him up!!  As you can see, Aidan was wearing a jacket.  It was actually pretty cool that morning!

The front of Independence Hall. . .from where the original Liberty Bell is now housed.  Aidan did see the Liberty Bell, from the outside.  The line was wrapped around the building so we didn't go in. . .Next time!!

We took a Carriage Ride and saw several very interesting buildings:  This is the house, about two blocks from Independence Hall, that was where Jefferson lived and wrote the Declaration of Independence.  At the time, it was on the outskirts of town. . .and is currently at the center of a huge Metropolis!

This is the facade of the building of the first Fire Insurance Company in America, founded by Benjamin Franklin, as Aidan found that most things were, according to our Carriage driver. . .I thought this was interesting for two reasons:  I work for a small Mutual Insurance Company and our logo is an old pumper Fire apparatus that was invented and designed by George Washington. . .and this facade is right in front of a very modern building.  Love how they kept the old feel while going modern!

As I said, we parked right next to Washington Square.  This is a park where thousands of Revolutionary soldiers were buried in unmarked graves.  Then, at the back of the park, is this eternal flame dedicating the site to all those who have fought for freedom and liberty.  Love it!!

After this, we had to get back for Aidan's game.  And guess what???  We had visitors to our game!  The Jackson's came over to watch and then we all headed out to dinner. . .Aidan and Landon were very cute together and I couldn't resist getting a picture of our two goofy Russians. . .

Ethan, whom I did not get a picture of, is also adorable!!  Liz and Greg were so fun and now that we know we go up there a few times a year, we'll likely get together again!

So, that's it on tournaments until fall. . .the boys had a practice last night--where Aidan practiced at Center and at D! (what no winger?) and one more on Saturday morning and then we're done with DC Elite.  We'll be focusing our attention from here on out on Xtreme. . .

And now we're at camps.  After a long tiring weekend, I was glad Aidan had Winwood camp this week.  And yet, with Cold Rush early Tuesday morning and Xtreme practice late Tuesday night, my baby is still a very tired boy!!
Hoping he can sleep in and sleep long this weekend. . . I think we're all ready for some down time. . .

Next week will be Hockey Camp. . .and then two weeks of Ida Lee Camp. . .and then he will be off two weeks, one with Daddy and one for a family vacation.  The week Aidan is off with Daddy, I'll be heading west to help my older sister pack up my moms house and put it all in storage.  I'll then spend a couple of days visiting with my mom.  Things don't look good there, and there's a lot of emotion involved, but I'll share that some other time.

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy your weekend!

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