Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, July 25, 2014

Moving Mom, Loudoun County Fair, and Fun Hockey Times!

This past week has been eventful.  Very eventful.  I am exhausted and really looking forward to a full week off with my family.

Last Friday, after working all day, I got on a plane and headed west.  My flight left Dulles Airport at 10:10 pm Eastern time and landed in Los Angeles in the wee hours.  I had a 5 hour layover and then headed to Las Vegas, arriving there about 7:30 am Pacific time.  Although I had tried, I did not sleep.  Maybe a couple of short cat naps. . .

My sister Gini picked me up at the airport and we headed to moms, me with my coffee in my hand.  We spent the entire day, along with Gini's husband and his friend, two of our cousins, our cousins wife, and our other cousins son, packing my moms house.  We had a large pile of trash, a truck load going back to Gini's house and the rest is heading east to moms new place at an Assisted Living facility in Chicago, near my other sisters house.  We amazed ourselves with how much we got done in one day.  Truly amazing!!

After a good dinner of Mexican food and a quick night of sleep, we loaded up the truck and car, sold my moms car to one of our cousins, and headed out on the road for the 10 hour drive to Gini's.  During our drive, I convinced my sister that I had to have some Jack in the Box!!!  Gini just rolled her eyes, but Pat was jealous!!!

We don't have this fine food in Virginia!!!  : )

We finally arrived at Gini's where we found mom very upset.  Of course, our arrival represented to her that her life at her house was over.  I felt terrible about it, but we just can't let her live on her own anymore.  It would be irresponsible of us. . .

Mom's dog was happy, though.  Mia is a very cute little dog.  And very spoiled.  But I;m glad mom has her.
I spent the next few days visiting with mom and helping her take Mia to the vet, and etc. items that needed to be taken care of.  We checked a few things off the list of things to do. . .and added a few, too.  I headed back home again very early on Wednesday and arrived home in time to have dinner with my family.  A couple of days of work and then we'll be on vacation!!  and not a moment too soon for this tired girl. . .

Meanwhile, while I was gone, the boys were having fun.

Aidan started his week off from camps with a play date with his buddy Evan.  Daddy took the boys to the park where they had a blast rolling down the hills. . .

He also went to the pool with our neighbor kids and came home and did this. . .after a freak out from Mommy, I was assured that he did not actually go down the stairs this way. . .Where does he come up with these things???

This week was also the Loudoun County Fair, so I got the boys tickets and Pat took Aidan and his cousin Kurt on Monday evening.
Saw some camels. . .

And went on some rides. . .

They also stayed for the Demolition Derby.  A good time was had by all!!!

And I've been told the pink socks have been hidden. . .never to be seen, or worn, by our boy again!!  LOL!!

And then on Tuesday, Pat took Aidan to his hockey practice and sent me videos so I could watch even though I was 3,000 miles away!!

Isn't my kiddo amazing???  : )

And now my friends, I am off to work for one final day and then we'll be headed out to the beach!!!  Can I hear your hallelujah???

Have a great weekend!  Catch you on the flipside. . .

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