Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, July 7, 2014

Travels, Camp and the Fourth!!

This has been, and will continue to be, a travelling summer.  Three weeks ago we were in Connecticut and New York.  Two weeks ago we were in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Two weeks from now I will be in Nevada and California.  And three weeks from now we will be in North Carolina. . .add in Virginia and Maryland and I'm covering a lot of states!!

We have been busy this summer.  Aidan is in the midst of all of his camps.  He had a week of Hockey Camp last week.  He'll do two more of this camp later in August plus a Shoot to Score camp. . .I'm thinking his skill level is too high for this camp so we likely will be looking for something a bit more intense for next summer.  When I went to pick up the boys last Thursday, Aidan was playing a scrimmage with the 12 and olders. . .and skating better than them, too.  : /

This week and next week, Aidan will be at Ida Lee Camp.  It is fun.  There are crafts and basketball.  Plus swimming every day.  And then once each week they will go over to the outdoor water park.  The bad part is that I have to send lunch and two snacks each day. . .the good part is that I send lunch and two snacks each day (I can send much more healthy foods that he likes!!)

Last week was very tiring for Aidan.  He spent the week going over to his friend Jake's house each morning and then the two of them went to camp together.  Thursday night he spent the night at Jake's and then they all came here early Friday morning so Aidan and Jake could be in the Fourth of July parade.  Fun stuff!!!

These two are best buds. . .

Pretty goofy aren't they???

Jake and his family came back later and had dinner with us and few other friends and then stayed for the fireworks.   We also did some of our own while we waited!!
Jake came back on Saturday and went to the pool with us and then they wanted to have Aidan come back for another sleep over.  I had to put the breaks on, though.  One look at Aidan's face told me we needed to have an early night and then sleep in.  I wanted to take him to church (which I did!!) anyway.  And we had planned to go to a movie (which we also did!!).  And it was a good thing!!  Aidan went to bed at 8:30 and I had to wake him up at 8:00 on Sunday morning for church!!!

We had a great day on Sunday, just me and Aidan (Daddy had to work).  After church, we had an early lunch and then headed to Cobb for a matinee of Earth to Echo, which I thought was very good.  Quick stop at Wegmans and we were home on the porch hanging out before 3:00.  I commented to Aidan how I had enjoyed our day, just Mommy and Aidan.  And he replied, "Yeah its been fun.  Maybe Daddy will take me to the pool when he gets home."


That's about it.  Have a great week!

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