Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Time

Its that time of year where the air weighs heavily and the cicadas are singing.  There are afternoon thunderstorms, and some evening ones as well.  The kids have settled into a summertime routine of pools and play thoughts of school are a distant memory.  The days are long and filled with fun and the nights are too short--at least for this mom.  Fun times abound!

Last Saturday, I took Aidan to get a hair cut.  He wanted it really short with a mohawk on the top.  I told him he could get it cut however he wanted but no mohawk. . .so he got it cut really short all over.  Cute and perfect for the summertime heat, but I miss his shaggy head!!

Doesn't he remind you of the Saturday Evening Post with this picture??

His hair is so short. . .: (  but the good part is that it is easier to care for.  With all the swimming he's been doing, his hair was getting really sticky feeling from the chlorine.  We're going to let it grow out again, though.  In fact, we probably won't get it cut again until it's time for school pictures in October!

Speaking of school . . .the tax free weekend is the first weekend of August.  We get home from the beach just before, so I've already been planning what I need to purchase for Aidan for school.  We have his new backpack and lunch box picked out from LLBean.  And I've already purchased most of his school supplies.  I'll pick up his clothing and shoes during the tax free weekend.

And in case you think I'm being a summertime killjoy, I'm truly not.  I just have to plan ahead!!!  I will be leaving Friday after work to go out west and help pack up my moms house and I'll be there until next Wednesday.  So not looking forward to this trip.  Lots of angst, emotions and tempers have been boiling up.  I'll be home a couple of days--just long enough to get the laundry caught up and repacked--and we'll be off to the beach.  That's the reward.  Looking forward to watching my little dudely get back into surfing the waves!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Aidan and I headed to our pool for a couple of hours last Sunday.  However, it was a long trip to get there.  Why?  Well, we had turned down a road on the way to pick up a friend when I noticed the car in front of me swerving all over.  I watched and pulled back, realizing that the driver was actually looking for a specific address.  He finally pulled over to the curb--brake lights but no signal--so I thought he was stopping to figure this out instead of trying to do it while driving.  But, no!!  He ran into me!!!  He hit hard enough that we bounced a bit.  It was in the right rear, damaging the tire (flattened it!!) and rim plus some dents and scrapes along the wheel well and running board.  He admitted fault immediately (no kidding) and he called in the claim.  Everything will be taken care of while I am in Nevada and California so no worries there.  But I had to tell him that he was very lucky that there was nothing wrong with Aidan (there isn't).  He might not have survived my reaction if there had been!!

And lest you think we haven't been doing any hockey. . .think again!!  Aidan continues his weekly practices plus Cold Rush.  Last night we had a parent meeting to discuss our upcoming travel and tournament schedule.  We're booked through the end of the year now and have a couple more decisions to make for after the first of the year.  It's going to be a really fun season!!!

Have a good rest of the week!!!  Think nice cool thoughts. . .

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Joy said...

I love the short hair. But he is so cute either way. I miss you my friend and hope this past week was productive.