Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, January 30, 2009

Aidan has spoken. . .

When asked who he wants to win the Super Bowl, The Steelers or the Cardinals, Aidan replies. . ." Ummmmmmm. . . .Uummmmm. . .Cardinals." So be it! We will get him a Cardinals shirt to wear to the Super Bowl gathering at our friends house where everyone else will be wearing Steelers garb! : )

We had a "Winter Weather Event" this week that caused a few moments of white knuckle drving (Mr. Obama, we have a lot of back roads out here that aren't even paved so don't go giving us your Big City criticisms! Perhaps a delayed opening would have been better, and yet still safer for our children!)

Anyway, rant aside, seriously, there was a lot of ice on top of the snow. Out here, 35 miles west of D. C., we had about and inch or more of ice on top of the snow. At first it made the snow granular, which is easy to drive on. Then, because of the salt and the sun, there was some melt. . .which refroze and became solid ice. Fun to drive on!

But, Aidan enjoyed playing in the snow part with Daddy, Mosby and Maggie!

We are hoping for more snow with the next round of the "Winter Weather Event" at which time I expect to hear Aidan imitating the sound of the snow blower like he does the leaf blower. . .

Ummmmmmm. . . .Go Cardinals!

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Joy said...

That is so funny. Aristotle cried when the Eagles lost. We are Seahawk fans. Have fun this weekend.