Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Watching movies, learning to ice skate, and, um other Big Boy things!

Well, another weekend is over. Pat is upstairs giving Aidan his bath and then we'll do the warm milk routine and then off to bed with a breathing treatment and book before hand. Aidan is doing good with his lungs, but he is still wheezing and coughing on occasion. I'll be calling tomorrow for the oral steroid prescription because I really think we need it. If this keeps up, we may want to get him tested for allergies and/or asthma.

We went over to our neighbors before dinner to give them back the nebulizer we borrowed (we finally got our own) and to give them their Christmas card. They laughed at us about how much our lives have changed. Aidan let them know, matter of factly, that he went poop on the potty today and Lia reminded me that she did tell me that we would be talking/thinking/dealing with poop all of the time now. She was right! And, yes, Aidan really did go poop on the potty! What a good Big Boy!

Aidan had a very big day today. Today was his first Ice Skating lesson. While it's really only clear to me, he can actually say "Ice Skating!" I think it's safe to say that he had a blast! When he first went out on the ice, his ankles were wobbling all over the place. But, when the half hour lesson was over, he was able to stand up straight and he could even go from the ice up to a standing postion. Good boy! Here are some pics:

Getting started

Being helped by the instructor, Pavel
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Ummmmmm, the kids are smelling the ice

I love skating, Mama!

This is great!

The ice skating is really neat. We have 7- 1/2 hour lessons which includes skates for Aidan and one parent and 10 free passes to Free-Skate in order to practice which also includes skates for Aidan, but not the parent. All for $98! Pretty cool! Aidan was wiped out this afternoon, but he is still talking about it.

And, the other thing he did big this weekend is that he actually watched about 3/4 of the Cars movie, his favorite and which we have previously only enjoyed the first 1/2 hour of, about 3 times! He calls the red car KK's cool beep beep and the blue car (seen here in the reflection of the picture over his head) is Rob's cool beep beep!

Well, gotta go. It's warm milk time! Have a great week!

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Joy said...

That is a great deal for the ice skating. We do not have any rinks close by.