Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Well, Pat's birthday was actually last Wednesday. . .and we did celebrate. Sort of. But, let me start back on Tuesday. . .

On Tuesday, a package arrived for Pat from my Mom. It was, of course, his birthday present from her. He opened the box and removed the gift at which time Aidan said, "MY birthday present!" We tried to tell him it wasn't, but he was convinced so he opened it! And then became totally interested in the birthday card and could have cared less that Nana had sent Daddy a really nice Greg Norman shirt! Thank you, Nana!

On Wednesday, Pat's actual birthday, I made Tacos and Tostadas--Pat's request. We did have one small gift for him that day and a couple of cards, which Aidan insisted were his and which I just, this morning found, in the basement!

As I had previously posted, Aidan and I made Daddy's birthday cake on Friday. Aidan got to lick the spoon and everything and then decided it was HIS birthday cake. . .I kept having to tell him over and over that it was Daddy's, but to no avail. . .

Saturday, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to go out to dinner, bringing the birthday cake with us as well as the main birthday present. We had a fantastic time at Outback and Aidan was the most behaved he has been in ages while out to dinner. It was great!

After dinner, we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house (Aidan pronounces this Anma and Anpa) for cake and presents. I don't think anyone minded the littler person fingerprints in the frosting!!

The evening was capped off with Aidan taking off with Grandpa's hat! I think he looks great in hats, don't you???

When I put Aidan to bed that night, he looked up at me with his sweet little face already looking like he was going to sleep and said, "Mama make Aidan's birthday cake, too??" Of course, sweetheart! Mama will make your birthday cake, too and it will be whatever kind you want! I just love that little guy!!!

And, finally, at Ice Skating lessons yesterday, Aidan surprised us all by actually skating across the ice rink all by himself! No one holding him!

But next week, Mama is going to have to watch from the bleachers because she is a bit of a distraction for Dudely!


Anonymous said...

The like of being a kid! It's all about them and it should be! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!!! Way to go Aidan for skating all the way across the rink! That is amazing.

Teresa said...

Isn't it so cute how once they have a party and get presents, they think presents will always be for them!!