Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Costco, Cascade, Crazy Mama!

So, just after Thanksgiving, we made a biweekly Costco run whereby we filled up our coffers with Papertowels, toilet paper, tissues, Dishwasher soap and diapers, milk , eggs, etc. . . We were happy and ready for the holiday's.

Christmas came and we had depleted our supplies some, but we were still good to go. However, Christmas morning, I had a full dishwasher and no dishwashing soap. Where was the Cascade???? I went down to the Laundry Room where we store our supplies and could not find it anywhere! I also looked in the work room area and the cleaning supply closet, still no deal. Pat, good man that he is, went off to the closest local open market--7-11--and purchased some dishwashing soap for me that was more expensive than I want to think about.

Fast forward to yesterday. . .Aidan and I went back to Costco to replenish our coffers again with the usual papertowels, toilet paper, tissues, dishwasher soap and diapers/pull ups, milk, eggs, etc. . . Home we came and began the process of putting everything away. For some reason, I opened the drawer under the washing machine in the laundry room. I never store things there so I was surprised to see something in a green bottle in that drawer. I pulled it out, looked and then laughed out loud!!! My missing Cascade!!!! I knew I had bought it!!!! Aidan looked at me and said, "Crazy Mama!"

I took Aidan back to the doctor today because he started coughing again on Tuesday and was wheezing this morning. Back to doing the Nebulizer every 4 hours. If it doesn't completely clear in two days we're going on an oral stroid. . .perhaps this is more than RSV. . .perhaps, just maybe, we're talking asthma or something like that.

I am sending a picture of Aidan to our Agency today--our next post placement isn't for a couple of months so it's not for that:

While in Kras, we would look at this wall in the orphanage of children that had been adopted. We did this frequently and talked about them thinking about how their lives had changed. Toward the end of our time there, Serge, our driver, told us that most of the children on that wall had been placed by Yelena, our coordinator. In other words, these were Yelena's kids. We told Serge we would send a picture of Aidan at a later date to be added to the wall. We chose the one that we also put on our Christmas card, the one of Aidan in the green sweater and blue pants in front of our fireplace. Our Agency said that they could get this to Yelena. . .it will take a while, but it will get there.

Ice Skating lessons start this Sunday at the Ashburn Ice House. Can't wait to see Aidan on skates!!!


Anonymous said...

Haven't been on for a while! Just adorable picture! Perfect! I hope he is ok. Asthmas is not very fun. Tyler has it and stuggles from time to time. We will pray for Aidan!

Teresa said...

Hi Stacy,
That is such a beautiful picture to send to Yelena! That is so nice that they put the pictures on that wall. I hope he is feeling better really soon.
Hope you are having a great weekend! Teresa