Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aidan's Birthday revisited. . .

So, our weekend, which ended up lasting a very long time, was quite eventful.

It began on Thursday evening of last week. My dad, who lives in Sacramento, had decided to come out and spend Aidan's birthday with him. His flight arrived at 10:00 pm on Thursday evening. I had put Aidan to bed, hoping he would sleep some and knowing I would have to get him up. When I did, I could hear him on the monitor singing, "Happy Birthday to Aidan. Happy Birthday to Aidan. Happy Birthday to Aidan." I found myself wishing I could record it, it was so sweet sounding! Anyway, dad called at 10:00 to say he had landed so I went up and got Aidan up and off to the airport we went. Needless to say, Aidan got very wound up and didn't get back to sleep again until around midnight. . .he was so excited to see Grandpa Dave! And we picked him up at the airport! He hadn't really seen an airplane up close since his ride with Ellie from Moscow (he actually puts it that way--whether he remembers that or not is debatable).

On Friday, Aidan was up just after 7:00 am. . .for a kid who is used to 10-12 hours of sleep each night, this was not a very good start to one's birthday. . .for him or for Mama! We had a nice big breakfast and then off to Philomont to see the Big Trucks. Fun was had by all, especially Aidan.

However, most of the day, inspite of the good nap we had, was spent in perpetual meltdown. We had a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Grandma and Grandpa, Grandpa Dave and Mommy and Daddy. But, we remained in whine city. . .It was all we could do not to wring his precious little neck! We persevered and held out for cake, ice cream and presents. Then, Mommy gave him a bath and put him to bed at a somewhat decent time and he slept nearly 11 hours. . .thanks be to God for small favors.

Saturday we were off to ice house for our birthday party. This turned out to be such a blast! The kids really enjoyed it all, especially seeing the Zamboni at the beginning. . .which delayed our pizza a bit, but no worries.

We came home for a three hour nap and then opened more presents. Sunday we stayed pretty quiet, just going out to look at and price refrigerators and lunch at Moe's. Then, on Monday we attempted to go to the Smithsonian Museum of American History but realized about 10 minutes into our tour that this was really not conducive to 3 year old little boys being good. So, back to Grandma and Grandpa's we went. And, inspite of our 1/2 hour nap on that day (we had been sleeping almost round the clock since Saturday afternoon) Aidan was so good. I mean really really good!

Dad left on Tuesday and Mommy got back to her normal routine while Aidan and Daddy didn't get back to theirs until today, Wednesday.

One other event for the weekend was Aidan's 3 year old check up on Monday. He is now 37 1/2 pounds and 39 inches tall. The doctor says that is the 90th and 95th percentiles respectively. . .what does that mean??? He's a BIG BOY! duh. . .

He had to have three shots, which the nurse was not very good at giving him, and he cried horribly. I was very upset. Having held him during the shots, I could feel him shaking. . .it was awful! On the way home, Aidan revealed that he knew Mommy was upset by saying, "My baby boy Mama is hurting!" What a cute sensitive little boy!

And so, here are a couple of pictures I hadn't already shared. . .

This boy is obsessed with trucks. . .and what's not to love in bubble wrap??? It makes the best gifts for little boys!

And now I must get back to the Thank You notes as well as trying to decide what older toys to wean out of the jumble to give away.

Oh! I almost forgot! A funny story. . .Aidan was being his normal precocious self and when Daddy began to count him by saying, "1!" Aidan said, "2!" Mommy didn't help matters at all by being completely unable to stifle the loud guffaw. . .Daddy glared at me and then began to laugh, too! It was too funny not to! Oh to be 3!!!

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Joy said...

Okay I too still love bubble wrap!! What a cool picture of him with the digger. What great memories.