Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just moseying on with life. . .

Not much going on around here. . .

The weather has been cold and rainy lately. Lots of rain, too. We had about an inch on Sunday and then probably another inch on Monday. I think it actually started sometime on Saturday--although I am losing track of time lately, so I'm no longer sure.

How is this affecting family life? Well, Aidan no longer cries when he sees that it is raining. Now he just asks if he can ride his bike in the rain! Poor kiddo will try to find any way to be outside!

We spent a lot of time resting this weekend, which was really good for our health recovery. We went to bed early, slept late and Aidan got some really good naps in. He still isn't 100% and actually just went on the next stronger antibiotic yesterday, but I think we're all really on the road to recovery. I'll be glad of that!

We did buy Aidan a couple of new movies this weekend and he seems to have enjoyed one of them so far--Madagascar. He actually picked out the second movie--Wall-E, which we will watch later in the week. He really likes watching movies! How funny.

While playing with his trucks the other day, Aidan told me he doesn't have very many toys. . .hmmmm. . . I guess he doesn't if you compare to the variety he has to play with at Day Care. I guess we really need to get him some more things like Play Doh or something. His birthday is in a week and a half, so maybe. But, I think he has also been watching the other kids play Guitar Hero on Wii! Well, maybe Santa will bring something like that. . .

Yesterday, Aidan came up to me and gave me a totally unsolicited kiss on my cheek. I love moments like that. It makes me feel like the mistakes I've made as his mother haven't been as bad as I was thinking!

We've been looking at this really nice Brazilian Cherry Hardwood flooring for a while to do our entire main level in. We really like it and now it's on sale, 20% off!, at Home Depot. I think we're going to order it. Mama will be so happy to get rid of the old carpeting! And getting things painted, finally will be wonderful, too. What a nice change to the look in our house. Eventually I'd like to do the upstairs, too. But, getting the main level done for now will be fantastic.

That's about it on our news, except that I should point out--How about theose Capitals??? They are up 2 games to zero in the second round of the best of 7 series. They play again Wednesday night.

Toodles until next time.

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Troy and Rachel said...

So glad you all are feeling better! The rain has sure been yucky lately - we're having tons of it also. Daniel will also ask to go out in the rain. They just gotta be outside!! The new flooring sounds wonderful. Hope the weather clears up soon.