Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, May 1, 2009

On the Mend. . .Finally!!

What a week. . .or, I should probably say, what several weeks!

Since Easter, the three of us have been suffering from colds. They have been hard to deal with because they haven't been bad enough to keep us down. Yet, they have not gone away! Some days we feel great and then the next day our throats are sore again and our noses are completely clogged. In part, this is likely due to the pollen--everything is in bloom! And in part, our resistence is down.

I have been feeding us all lots of orange juice and other fruits in an attempt to naturally boost our systems. But, to no avail.

On Tuesday, my office was freezing cold (I say this, but I am really not sure if it has any bearing on my story except to say I was very uncomfortable all day). When I got home, I decided to sit outside on the deck for a little bit to try and warm up. Pat was watching Aidan play. . .after just a few minutes, I felt so hot, I had to go in. I was exhausted.

After being in for a while, I realized I hadn't cooled off. . . hmmmmmmmm. . .I went in search of our adult thermometer (the child one is always out!) and then took my temperature. . . 102.5!!! Yikes!!! I took it again, to be sure. . .the same! Off to bed I went. No wonder I didn't feel right and I was so weak and exhausted!

Realizing this is a bit more than a cold. . .but, yet, not Swine Flu (not having been to Mexico recently or around anyone who had!) I made an appointment for the next day to see the doctor. Sure enough, a pretty bad Sinus Infection. I was started on Augmentin and Flonase immediately. Although the temperature came back on Wednesday afternoon and evening, now that it is Friday morning and I have had five doses of the Augmentin, I am doing a lot better. Weak, but better. It's a heck of a way to lose weight!!! (Nearly 6 pounds in three days!)

I stayed home, of course, again on Thursday. A good thing too. Aidan woke up with his face swollen, but seemed to be in a good mood and ate his breakfast so off to Daycare he went so Mommy could rest. Well, no rest for the weary! I picked him up before lunch and took him to the pediatrician where, yes you guessed it!, he was diagnosed with a Sinus Infection!! And, he has double ear infections, too. Cancel swimming lessons. . .And so, now the two of us are on our antibiotics and seem to be improving--we hope!

If we could just get Daddy to go and get his antibiotic, then we could all be well together!!

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Joy said...

You must have been pretty sick. Glad to hear it is not the swine flu (Just kidding)