Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's In A Name?

Do you know what your name means? Do you live up to it? Does it fit your personality? I think we do, all three of us.

Let me start with mine:

My name is Stacy Diane. Stacy is actually English and is short for Anastacia. It means Resurrection. Diane is French for Divine. . . Okay. So I could stretch this a bit and say I have reinvented what I wanted to be when I grow up several times. . .I don't think I fit the divine part, but well. . .there is another part of the Diane that is kind of cool. Diane is short for Diana, which was the name of the Goddess of the Moon. My mother's maiden name is Moon. AND, I was born in June, and if you go in for all of that astrology stuff, they say children born around the time of year I was born are children of the Moon. So, maybe it does fit.

Pat's full name is actually Robert Patrick. So, Robert is Scottish or English and means Illuminated Fame. Probably something to do with Robert the Bruce. Patrick is Latin (although the Irish have latched on to it, too) and means Noble One. Well, if you've met Pat, you would know he is definitely noble. And, he has one of those infectious personalities that just makes you want to be around him. So, maybe Illuminated does fit, too!

Pretty cool so far, right?

Okay so now for Aidan. He's a little tougher because he is still so little. But, his personality is really starting to come through so, maybe. . .

Aidan was originally named Stepan Vladislavovich. I'm not going to touch Vladislavovich--not a clue what that means!. . .but Stepan is the Russian form of Stephan which means Crowned one. They called him Steopa, which is like Stevie. I hated that name! I don't know why, but I just couldn't get comfortable with calling him that. We had wanted to name him Aidan even before we met him so when we got our Petition to the Court, that was the first thing I double checked--make sure it is spelled right!! A--I--D--A--N

So, we named him Aidan Josef. Aidan is Irish and means Fiery. Josef is the Czech or Russian (yes, we spelled it that way on purpose) form of the Ireali name Joseph which means God Will Increase. So, if you have met Aidan, you will know Fiery is his temperment to a "T!" This kid can get so fiery sometimes we just look at him and think. . .Omigosh!! What are we going to do with you if we can't get control before you're a teenager??? Seriously though, Aidan is a good, kind and loving kid. He just gets stubborn at times. It's actually a good thing because he feels comfortable with us and himself. As for Josef, I guess time will tell. I would love to be a grandmother to lots of children though!! : )

And, well, it has been raining for about 40 days and 40 nights now so Aidan has been reduced to looking at catalogs and magazines. Almost three year old boys will go a little fiery if they don't expend that extra energy they have! ;0

I know a lot of folks agonize over changing the child's name they are adopting. We did, too. As much as I disliked the name "Steopa," I still worried we were doing something bad for Aidan. I din't want to take away any links he had to his past. However, we found out after our Court date that he had not been named by his birth mother but by the Orphanage Director. This made it somewhat easier on our conscience because then we weren't taking away a link to his birth family. We have her name and if he ever wants to go looking, we will do whatever we can to help him. Plus, Aidan took to the name "Aidan" so quickly that he actually got upset if we talked to him about Steopa after just a month of being with us. I would ask him where Steopa was and he was point away and say "gone." I used to think he had decided in his mind that that name was a part of the past that he no longer wanted any part of. Just speculation, of course.

Now, if I ask him the same thing he gives me a look like, "What in the world are you talking about???" I think he doesn't remember it at all now.

We'll tell him all about it all when he gets old enough to understand. But, I still think we named him right. He fits Aidan Josef and it does reflect his personality.

So, do you fit your name????

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