Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Livin' the Good Life

We have a big weekend comng up, and I promise to post some pictures and tell stories about it afterward. But, I wanted to do a quick update about our past week: all the joys that we experienced.

As previously posted, I filed our Final Order to re-adopt on Monday. Yesterday when I got home, there was an envelope from the County in our mail. Could it be that quick??? Not so fast. I had forgotten to have Pat and I endorse the darned thing!! You'd think after all of the notarized signatures and apostilles we have done I wouldn't have slipped up on that one!! So, I reprinted it last night and this morning we will take it to the bank where we will sign the order and have it notarized. I will re-submit it on Monday during my lunch. Again. Good news on this is that the attached letter was dated June 8th--one day after I filed--and instructed me to have the Final Order re-submitted directly to the Judges Chambers when I re-filed the endorsed Final Order! Seriously. We actually MIGHT have this pretty qucik!

Thursday I had my bi-annual dentist appointment. My teeth didn't have anything scarier going on than what I already knew. Relief! So, now that the arm in back, mostly, I will get the work done on my teeth that I had been putting off this Winter and Spring.

Thursday evening I met with Aidan's teacher for a Parent-Teacher conference. Aidan is very smrt and doing very well in school. He is either on track or ahead in every category. I'm so proud of him! His teacher is really good. I wasn't too impressed with her at first--she was his fifth one, afterall!!--but, now that I've gotten to know her, I realize that she is really a good teacher and all about the kids! I wish she could move up with Aidan to Pre-K in September. I think she'd like to, too, and did say she was really going to miss Aidan when he moves up. I shared a little of Aidan's history with her and she told me I have nothing to worry about with his intelligence or his attention. He doesn't have the longest atention span, but he also doesn't have the shortest. And in fact he is really right on track for his age and for being a boy. She smiled toward the end and said Aidan is definitely all boy in that that is about his only issue during class--he gets a little rowdy as most little boys do! : ) But, she also added that he is a very loving, kind and empathetic child. That's my good baby!! I was so full of love and pride for him when I left the school!

That evening, I watched as he and Pat put the basket ball through the hoop several times in the back yard. . .that was a first. Daddy and son playing basketball together!

Friday I came home to a note from our cleaning lady saying the belt on the vaccuum was broken. . .she has always hated my vaccuum and has pretty much let me know it every chance she gets. . .Pat doesn't think it is broken, but I see a new vaccuum in my near future. . .I hate that!!! But, anyway, back to the cleaning lady: she apparantly used that excuse to not clean my kitchen floor! It's not a good floor and definitely does need to be replaced, but really!! I did pay her to clean it! My broom still works fine. . .things like this come up every so often with her. I would get someone new, or even go with a big company, but do actually like my cleaning lady. And she is an individual--not guarenteed her income like someone who works for a big company. So, I'll steam and stew on this for a while and then I'll buy a new vaccuum and then I'll let it go.

Today we're off to the pool with a picnic lunch, then some errands (I need some books for my summer reading stash which is empty! And possibly a new vaccuum.) and then dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. Tomorrow is the Colt and Horse show in Upperville! Can't wait for it all!

Oh, and I should mention sports: Now that the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup and Hockey is over, we are casting about for something to watch. Preseason football doesn't get going for another couple of months and Hockey won't come back for a couple of months after that. We're not really into soccer, and we've never really gotten into Baseball. . .in fact, we usually say in a small voice "we got the nats." But, wait! Now we can say, "HEY!! We got the NATS!" We have a new pitching phenom! And, here's a little proof we have always tried to encourage the Nats with Aidan. : )

He's going to love this picture someday, dontcha think?? ; >


Joy said...

Oh stacy I just love that picture. I am so glad that it is finally pool weather by you. We have had a cold snap here.

I love all of Jodi Picoult. There is a ton of irony in all of her books. The ending is never what you think it is going to be. I do also love Janet Evanovich. The series I like the best are the ones with the numbers in the titles like "Seven Up". The are really quite funny and a fast book to read. Okay I cheat and listen to them in the car but my friends say they are fast to read.


Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Again Stacy,
Thks. again for all your sweet comments...It is so great to hear how well Aidan is doing- & such a cute new pic!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!