Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Week in Our Crazy Lives

Another crazy week down. Honestly, I thought we would be slowing down this summer!!! I purposely didn't put Aidan in any sports for the summer for that reason. . .I guess Crazy is going to be our way of life for a while!

This week was the final week of formal learning at Aidan's school so there were many end of year celebrations. Add to that, they had a Toy Story 3 coming out party and Father's Day Pancake Breakfast. The pre-K graduated on Wednesday and those children will go off to Kindergarten in September and Aidan will move up to the Pre-K. Lessons will continue over the summer, but it will be a much more relaxed schedule with a lot more play time and Water Day once a week where the children wear their swim suits and play in the hoses outside for a good length of time. I remember that Aidan really loved this last summer. . .

But, let me tell you about the Toy Story 3 coming out party. It was really cute. The children were asked to dress up as their favorite Toy Story character and they had snacks and foods that had names from one of the Toy Story movies. And they watched Toy Story 2. Aidan dressed up like Woody:

Those are Iron Man Walkie Talkies clipped to his pants pockets and you can't see that he is wearing his Cowboy Boots, but the shirt is actually from a Woody Costume that his cousin Tyler loaned him! He wanted to wear his own Cowboy hat though instead of the one that came with the costume. As you can see, the rest of the costume didn't fit--Aidan is too big!! But, how cute! The badge is one he got from the Loudoun County Sheriff at one of the parades we have. I'll get more pictures of him dressed like this tonight when we take him to see the movie!! I'm excited to do this--it's Aidan's first theatre movie!!

Daddy went to the Father's Day Pancake Breakfast with Aidan yesterday. I'm so glad. At first he wasn't planning to because of work. I didn't like that decision much, but it is up to him. But, then Thursday morning, when Aidan woke up, the first words out of his mouth were "Is today Pancake day?" I just looked at Pat and I could see him change his mind. On Friday, Pat took a couple hours off work and took Aidan to school, had pancakes with him and then went around the room playing a bit. Aidan loved it!

Yesterday was a long and tiring day for me. I had the day off to get the carpets cleaned. Shouldn't be too bad: we're only talking about two sets of stairs, a hallway, a bedroom, and the Family room. . .they are big areas though. I told the guy from Sears we weren't planning on keeping these carpets more than another year but we just wanted them clean enough to live with that long: The bedroom, hallway and upper stairs capet is 11 years old and the Family room and basement stairs carpet is 6 years old. The guy told me that I would see such a difference in how they looked that I might change my mind. . .we'll see. . .

They were supposed to be here between 10-12 but didn't show up until 2:30. Not a good start. But, with the time on my hands, I scrubbed our house, top to bottom, like it hasn't been scrubbed in a long time. By the time the Carpets were done, my house was practically sparkling, it was so clean!! And, yes, I have to say I will be reevaluating how long to keep these carpets. . .the Family Room, both sets of stairs and the upper hall look really fantastic. The bedroom looks better, but there is still an area, where the dogs lay--instead of on their beds--, that still looks not so great. By the end of the day, I had a raging headache, but still made a nice homemade Spaghetti dinner and we all enjoyed a little down time.

Daddy is back to working both days on the weekend--it was a nice one weekend off--so, Aidan and I are going to hang out at the pool today and probably most of tomorrow (very hot days now) and tomorrow night we're going to celebrate Father's Day with Grandma and Grandpa by going out to dinner. Looking forward to that!

That leads me to a funny conversation we had at dinner last night:
Daddy, who's your Daddy? Grandpa. Oh! Grandpa is Daddy's Daddy. Okay. So, who is your Mommy? Grandma. . .oh! Okay. And Grandpa Dave is Mommy's daddy? Yes, that's right! So, what about Nana???? Well, that's Mommy's Mommy. Oh!! Who's Tyler's Mommy??? Aunty Amy. Okay. . . It was really funny to watch him make the connections in his head. You could almost see it all happening on his face!!

And so, on to a busy weekend. Maybe next week will be calmer??? Right. Sure.

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Joy said...

I think this summer is going to be wonderful. I am thinking about renting a house in Delaware this summer. Maybe we could get together again.