Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, March 19, 2011

That's going on your permanent record!

Have you ever wondered about that statement?  What is on your permanent record?  Where exactly is it?  And, when, and by whom, did it get started???

Well, I had a thought about that very thing yesterday. . . .

On Thursday, Aidan's Kindergarten registration packet arrived from our local elementary school.  I looked through the packet, had a bit of a chuckle over the fact that I have been given from March 17th until April 12th--Registration Day--to pull together Aidan's birth certificate, a copy of our most recent Real Property tax bill (proof of where we live), a copy of my ID, and to fill out the form--3 pages.  No notarizing. . . .No apostilles. . .just mine and Pat's signatures.  I mean really people.  These are not hoops to jump through!  This is nothin'!  Once you have been through a Russian adoption, something like this is a snap!!  But I have nearly a month!!  (Aidan's medical form will be filled out during his 5 year old check up in May).

So, I set to work right away, determined to tackle this "paperwork" immediately.  I filled out the form.  Made a copy of my ID (mine because I will be the one to register Aidan).  Made a copy of our Real Property tax bill.  No sweat.  On to the birth certificate. . .

They want an original or authenticated copy.  Hmmmm. .  .I only have one original of his Virginia Certificate of Foreign Birth.  So, I get online to and check in to see about getting more copies while beating myself up for not ordering more when we did our re-adoption. . .they are only $12.00 a piece in Virginia.  But, then, do I fill out the same form for a regular birth certificate as I do for a Certificate of Foreign Birth???  Call to Virginia Department of Vital Statistics. . .left a message.  Hmmmm. . . .what to do??? 

By now, I'm wondering if the school really wants the birth certificate forever. . .really, what are they going to do with this??  Call the school and explain my question and get the response that I immediately know is right:  they just want to see it and will then make a copy for Aidan's record. . .Cool!!! 

Vital Statistics calls back and confirm the form I fill out is the same for all Birth Certificates registered in Virginia. . .Aidan's qualifies and I decided to go ahead and order two more copies. . .just in case.  Never hurts to have a few stashed in the Safety Deposit box and they are only $12.00 each!

And, so, I am now ready to register Aidan. . .Only 3 weeks from now, my baby boy will be all set to start big time public school on August 29th. 

Truly, I felt a little silly about this at this stage. . .I was making that hoop much higher and more difficult to jump through and I had lit it on fire, to boot! That's what happens when you try something simple after having done a Russian adoption!

And so, while jumping through this paperwork hoop, I realized, and had to laugh about, that I am setting up Aidan's Permanent Record!!!  I am in control of his future!!!  :  )  Mom Power. . . .


Melissa said...

Kindergarten! Yikes! He's growing up so fast. And here I am stressed about Colby starting preschool full-time.

sonflowerjax said...

Wow! Kindergarten! :) Glad to hear someday the paperwork will ease up!