Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Exciting Month of February

So, our excitement of the week came at the hands of Leesburg Elementary.  Just a little misunderstanding.  Aidan came home saying his teacher told him he wasn't allowed to eat the cookies that I had packed for him for his snack.  The home made fresh Valentine's special cookies.  I felt terrible because this has not been the first time Aidan has said he wasn't allowed to eat part of the snack I sent.  Needless to say, Pat was not a happy Daddy on this!  So, I wrote a note.  I didn't know the reason he wasn't allowed to eat them and I couldn't fathom why a teacher would send a verbal message home like that through a child of 5!  I am perfectly available, which I reminded her in my note, and to make sure, I provided all of my phone numbers and my email too!

The teacher called me.  At 8:30 am.  At work.  15 minutes after school had started.   She got my note.

She was awesome.  Very patient with me and apologized for not contacting me in person.  But, actually, what she had told Aidan was that he should save the cookies for later.  Most of the children in Aidan's class get what the school provides for snack--not much.  And Aidan always has many many choices so she thought, to be fair to the other children who don't get cookies sent from home, he should save those for later!  She also made sure I knew Aidan was not in trouble--although that is what he thought!  And she said she should have sent a note home but hadn't thought about the fact that I don't see Aidan until 6 hours after he leaves school, by which time her message has been transformed into something not even close to what she said!!  In my turn, I admitted that I had not been paying close attention during Back to School Night about the instructions on what to send and not send for snack because we were signed up for School Snack at that time. . .I also promised to not send the cookies and to be more sensitive to what the other children don't have. 

This public school thing is rough!!!  It was so much easier during our Private Preschool days. . .  : )  But, really, Aidan's school is great and I love how much he is learning there!  I will take some video of him this weekend reading.  You'll be amazed!

Speaking of video! Here's a bit from last weeks Mini Mites. Not sure if it comes through, but Aidan did score!!!

And, because he scored, I bought him a Zamboni!!

He uses it to clean up the area when he plays with his Monster Trucks. . .  : )

Speaking of Monster Trucks!!  Aidan is learning that the chores we ask him to do really do pay off.  He gets an allowance and he now uses that allowance to purchase things we no longer purchase him. . .such as Monster Trucks!!!  He has a new Gravedigger. . .
We're hoping to maybe take him to see the real one this summer on our way to the beach in North Carolina.  Think he'll like it???

Speaking of the beach, we have our house!!!  We're going to be heading off to Avon, North Carolina bright and early on June 30th and will be coming back a week later.  We're all so excited to go!!  Last year we had a total of maybe one day at the beach. . .on the Pacific Ocean. . .which is cold and rough. . .so we're looking forward to 7 whole days of sun, surf and sand!!  On the nice warm Atlantic Ocean!!!  We'll probably take a day trip to the Hatteras Light and then a ferry ride down to Ocracoke.   I think Aidan will like it.  In fact, he woke up the other morning very grumpy because he had been dreaming he was at the beach.  Apparantly, the dream was so real that he really thought he was there!!

But, in the meantime, we still have hockey season to finish--ours with Mini Mites, which will then be followed by the Spring League, which will take us to June!!; and the NHL season--go Caps!!  You can do it!!  Only one point out of the Playoffs!!!  And only two points out of the Division lead!!  You can get there tonight!!!  And Aidan, the ever fun loving hocky guy he is, is rooting for the Caps, Blackhawks, and the Red Wings!!!  Although his messages sometimes get a little mixed with his attire. . .

February is such a strange month.  Especially this year.  It's the longest short month ever. . .and we've been having such nice spring like weather.  But, we still have a long way to go until spring!!  And now we're expecting snow tomorrow.  Boo!!  Hiss!!! 

But, February is also one of my favorite months.  It was on February 29th that we got the call to come back for Court for Aidan. . .February 29th. . .which we have again this year.  One of my favorite days ever!!!

But, we have a lot planned today:  go to the bank and set up a new account and set direct deposit to new account and Aidan's savings; order new wood floor for family room!!!; possibly get to the mall to buy some spring clothes for Aidan; get to the grocery store and to a fabric store--need patches for Aidan's jeans again; and then hopefully clean the basement Rec Room, which is wrecked again!!  And the Caps play again tonight. . .then tomorrow, we don't really have plans.  If the roads aren't bad, I'll take Aidan to the Ice House in the afternoon to work on edges and turns.  Monday we have a birthday party and then I'm taking Aidan to see Arriety, a new movie that is out.  Whew!! 

And so, I must get crackin' if I want to get all this done!!  Have a great day!!  May your Spring be soon to arrive.

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sonflowerjax said...

Landon watched Aidan's video 3 times! He kept saying, "again!" And, "Landon play hockey Aidan" :) hope our two Russian handsomes get to meet in a couple months!!!