Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mundane, but Trying to Find the Excitement!!

Last Saturday we bought Aidan a new Hockey bag.  One with wheels.  So he can manage his own equipment.  Well, it works in theory!  Anyways, the bag is huge!  All of his pads, his helmet, gloves, jerseys, tights, hockey shorts, and his skates all fit in there.  Daddy's skates fit in there too.  But, when I asked if I could put my skates in there, here is the response:  "No, Mama.  Finger skates don't go in a Hockey bag!!!"  Okay.  So, no Finger skates!  : )

Speaking of hockey, love how the Caps are playing lately!  The blanked Florida on Tuesday, but got beaten last night by Winnepeg in a shoot out. . .great game though!  Tough playing a bouncing puck, otherwise they would have won it in regulation.

Also on hockey, and in the interest of mixing things up a bit, I found some pasta with hockey shapes.  So, the other night I cooked some up and mixed it with some of my homemade spaghetti sauce, put it into a caserole dish, sprinkled cheese on top and then baked it for a half an hour.  Sounded and looked kind of strange, but pretty good!  Think we'll do it again.  Can you see the pasta hockey player on top??

Trying to find things to do during these waning days of winter has been a bit of a stretch.  Fortunately, Santa brought a few Lego projects.  So, we've been working on Space City and the Space Shuttle.  Pretty cool!!

When the boys aren't working on Legos, this is how they look:
Mario Brothers has control of them. . .I could run around the house making all kinds of noise and they wouldn't notice when the Mario Brothers Wii is on!!

Aidan's health this winter has been awesome!  (knock on wood)  But, the other night, I heard him snoring.  In the morning I checked out his throat and, sure enough, his tonsils looked huge!  So, I took him to the doctor to get checked.  Although one of the tonsils was so big it was pushing that thing that hangs down over, the doctor said he was fine.  She didn't swab his throat or anything and said he was probably fighting something and to just keep an eye on him.  If the tonsils don't go down and he starts feeling bad, then we'll see.  Okay.  Mama was just checking to be sure, okay?  Can't be too careful!  : )

We've been working on trying to find a beach house for this summer.  We're planning our vacation for the week of Fourth of July--ready to NOT be at the house everyone wants to come to for fireworks--Hopefully, we'll find THE house this weekend.  Meanwhile, we continue to take Aidan to the Ice House for Free Skate.  We work on his backward skating, speed and turns wheil there.  But, last night was a bit crowded!!  Might have to switch to Sunday afternoons.  But, here are a few cute shots I was able to get while on the ice. . . without falling, I might add!!

Aidan is continuing to do well in school.  However, homework has become a challenge.  Not to actually do it, but the part where we actually start it!  These last two weeks I let him talk me into letting him play first.  Big mistake!!  We were scrambling on Wednesday night to finish both weeks--homework is due on Thursday.  This Mama can't handle that stress so we're going back to working on it first thing on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Aidan has also continued to have issues with not paying attention.  We had a note home in his backpack this week that he hadn't been paying attention during Guidance.  I want him to feel he can tell me anything, so I asked him how his day went.  When he didn't offer up the about getting in trouble, I asked him if they had Guidance that day.  When he said yes, I asked him how it went.  Then he told me what happened--he hadn't been paying attention and then he answered the questions wrong.  Ahhh. . .so I talked to him about paying attention and then I told him how proud I was that he had told me the truth about it.  Since then, when I drop him off, I tell him to always listen and pay attention.  Hopefully, positive reinforcement will do the trick! 

That's about it from this boring family!  We really got nothin'!!  Hopefully, things will shake up a bit soon.


Barb said...

I got nothing either . . . so we can be boring together . . . the hockey pasta was neat . . haven't seen anything like that here (but Ikea has moose pasta). Have a great weekend!

sonflowerjax said...

I love reading about your mundane days! :) Hey...sometimes boring is the way to go! We all just got over the stomach bug. :( I'd take boring anyday, lol! PS- I'm getting ready to look into the Russian Embassy annual Easter festivities...are you guys going this year?

sonflowerjax said...

I just googled "Annual Russian Embassy Easter Party" and your blog was 4th on the search results! :)