Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Pink Stuff

Over the past four years, I have had to school my self on the signs that Aidan is sick.  He doesn't complain.  Ever.  And to complicate matters, he has had maybe four fevers in the past four years, two of which went away within six hours.  So, that is never a sign of sickness for me.

Aidan spent so much time during the first two years of his life being sick, that he still doesn't recognize when things are not normal.  Being sick was normal for him!  And he already knows he will be okay and can just go on.  Breaks my heart.

A couple of weeks ago, I had taken Aidan to the pediatrician because his tonsils looked huge--one side was so big it was practically touching that thing that hangs down in the back of the throat.  They weren't red, just huge.  And he was snoring at night.  Nothing was wrong that the doctor could see.

About a week ago, I noticed that the ever present cold (since October) was back again.  However, it seemed to clear up during the day with Triaminic Cold medicine.

A few days ago, I saw a notice at the door to Aidan's daycare class room saying that there were 2 children with Strep.  That sign was changed to 4 children the next day.  Trouble is brewing.

Thursday afternoon, being a nice day, Pat picked Aidan up a little early and they came home to play.  Aidan even went over to one of the neighbor kids houses to play for a bit.  But, he came home early saying his throat hurt and his tummy didn't feel good.  Uh oh. 

Dinner time, Aidan ate, sort of, but was very tired.  Knowing something was probably up, I put him to bed early where he fell asleep almost immediately.  He sleep nearly 12 hours.  When he woke up, he seemed much better and even said so.  He wanted to go to school.  No fever and he said he was feeling better.  The throat was a little red, but not horrendously so, so off he went to school.


The nagging feeling that things were not all good stayed with me.  When I got to work, I called the pediatrician and made the appointment for early afternoon.  When I picked Aidan up, he seemed totally fine and even said his throat hurt a little, but not very much and he could swallow fine.  Hmmmm......

When we got to the doctors office, the nurse listened to the symptoms I had noticed over the past few days and took a swab of his throat.  In came the pediatrician, who saw an amazingly healthy looking Aidan bouncing off the walls and an exasperated Mommy trying to get him to sit down and sit still.  "Well, you don't look sick!"  She said with a quick look at me. . .he never does!!!!  She then asked what made me think to bring him in so I again went through the symptoms.  She typed everything in to her little computer and then said we should get a strep test and I told her the nurse had already done one. . .and ping!!  The doctor said, "oh!  It's back. . .and it's positive.  Mommy's intuition."  And smiled at me. 

So, we're on the pink stuff for the next 10 to 14 days.  Hopefully, it will work.  Last time we had to go on to the gross white stuff shortly afterward.  Oh, and I called Winwood to change the sign to 5 children with Strep.

Fortunately, so far, I have been able to figure it out if Aidan needs to go in.  But, I worry I might miss one!!  So, I sometimes seem to badger Aidan: how's your throat/head/tummy?  Whereby Aidan has gotten used to telling me, "Mama, nothing hurts on my body.  Okay?"  sigh.

He's one tough little dude.  And I love him dearly.  I don't want him to be sick and me not know it!!


sonflowerjax said...

Mamas always know! :)

Shelly said...

Oh I know!! Andrei threw up last night, and since he doesn't make a sound during the night, I didn't know until this morning! It's such a reality check of where they came from! SO sorry Aidan is sick.

Melissa said...

Boy does that sound like our house. Not only has Colby had colds but also ear ifections and a hernia. All without fuss or complaining he hurts. He never said his hernia hurt but it really must have. Since the operation he is much more active. Not that I thought he could be more active than before! Hope Aidan feels better soon.

Randy, Denise, Camden Denson said...

Camden just got off the white stuff! Luckily Walgreens will flavor it for $3. The best $3 ever spent! Sorry Aiden is sick though.