Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Four Years a Family

It's amazing to me to think that four short years ago we were driven to Baby House #5 in Sosnovoborsk for the last time to pick up our son.  He cried when we were leaving the Baby Home and our car was chased to the gate by his Caregiver, but Aidan quickly adapted and by the time we got to our hotel room he was smiling and seemed to have taken it all in stride.

It's also amazing that four years ago, Aidan didn't know a bit of English, aside from Mama and Daddy.  He understood Russian only and spoke Russian only.  And now, he is getting ready to enter his fourth quarter of Kindergarten, reads super great and is super inquisitive about things he doesn't know.  My kiddo is smart!

It's hard to believe there was a time without Aidan.  He's become so much a part of our hearts/lives/family/soul that I can't even begin to imagine life without him. 

My baby is growing up.  He is four feet tall, whereas four years ago he was 2 feet 3 inches.  He now weighs 52 pounds, whereas four years ago he weighed in at 28 pounds.  He loves everything about the outdoors, hockey, fishing wth daddy, playing with trucks.  He is kind, generous, loving, sensitive.  He doesn't like homework but will do it, and well, especially in order to play a video game.  He loves to be read a book at bedtime and still likes to sit on my lap from time to time (not sure how much longer that will happen, though).

We don't have any further obligations to fulfill with the Russian government, having completed our Post Placement Reports last year.  However, we will have to notify the Consulate if we move before Aidan turns18.  Also, although it is not a requirement, I am committed to keeping Aidan's Russian passport current for him until he turns 21--I feel it is my responsibility as his parent to let him make whatever choices he wants to make at that time.  So, that will be something I will start working on updating next Fall.

I also want to say, at this time, we made a decision last summer to stop talking all the time about Aidan's adoption.  Up to that time, we (I was) were an open book.  We told anyone and everyone that Aidan was adopted and that he was adopted from Russia.  We decided that since he was starting public school, it was now on a need to know basis only.  We understood the need during Preschool--transition issues, etc--but now those issues were non-existent.  I did tell his hockey coach--because I was worried he was going too fast with this hockey thing--and another couple from hockey who also adopted their son.  But no one else.  His regular Kindergarten teachers have no idea. 

It's not that we don't talk about it with Aidan--he is fully aware of where he comes from and why we are now his parens--but it is his story and we felt he is now geting old enough to share that information on his own as he sees fit.  If he wishes too, then we will back him up.  Simple as that.

My Aidan is fiercely patriotic.  He is Russin through and through.  He gets mad when we cheer for the USA against Russia during hockey!  : )  It's really very sweet and I love him for this! 

And I am very glad I took so much Russian history in college--with my degree in Eastern European history, Aidan will hear the story of his first country safely and truthfully and with a lot of love--I love that stuff!

And so, here were are, four years later.  A family filled with joy and love for a boy that is so awesome!  We couldn't begin to imagine our lives without him. . .


Melissa said...

Congrats! And boy has he grown into such a handsome young man. We just celebrated 3 years as a family and are looking towards Kindergarten in the fall. Thanks for the reminder about reregistering when we move. We just put our house on the market. Not moving far but I guess I better keep things up to date.

Troy and Rachel said...

Happy 4 Years! Love that long hair in the younger photos!! We are an open book about adoption at home, but we don't tell too many other people anymore either. It's just who we are now - a family and families are made so many different ways! You have an awesome family!