Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Health Busyness

Things have been crazy these last couple of weeks. 

Aidan came down with a cold on April 11th that prompted his afternoon Day Care to call me--he had a fever of 99.9*.  Aidan never gets fevers, so I called the Pediatrician and went to pick him up.  Fever didn't break 100* and he was negative for strep, so the diagnosis was a cold.  Which got progressively worse over the next few days.  He's on the mend now, but we did do the nebulizer a couple times a day all last week and into the weekend because, as usual, the cold went into his lungs. . .

Crankipants Aidan is much better now, although there is still some congestion.  More on that in a minute.

On Sunday we got a call from Pat's Dad saying Mom wasn't feeling well and had been been in bed all day with a fever.  She seemed better by the end of the day, so we were relieved.  However, on Monday afternoon I got a call from Dad at work saying Mom had fallen and that she was being taken to the hospital.  Turned out she had passed out--no known reason--and then popped one of her hips out.  She was admitted to have the hip manipulated back into place and she ended up staying at the hospital until Thursday.  Pat went to help transfer her back home and then we went out to dinner.  It's going to take some time for her to heal and get some strength back, but she is on the mend now.

Over the weekend, we took a Quiche and some Subway sandwiches over and then Pat took his Dad to the grocery store.  Should be okay for a bit, but we'll check back in later this week.

Yesterday, Aidan had an ENT appointment due to "persistent asymmetrical tonsils" as diagnosed by the Pediatrician last February during our most recent bout of strep.  This ENT is one of the best in the area and it took two months to get in to see him.  Of course, Aidan is still recovering from the cold, so fluid was found in one ear--not infected, though.  And his sinuses are still swollen.  His lungs sound good, but there is still some drainage.  Because we're coming up on two weeks since the cold started--as of tomorrow--we were given an antibiotic to help finish clearing it and a nasal spray tp use once a day (right.  luck with that, Stace!)  So, those will be filled today and then we go back to see the specialist on May 25th.  But, before we do, we need to get x-rays of his head showing the adenoids, tonsils and sinus cavities and I need to film him for about 15 minutes sleeping about an hour before he wakes up.  We're checking the size of his tonsils and adenoids and also checking for sleep apnea.  Wonderful. 

But, other than that and trying to figure out if it is summer or winter, we've been so excited about how great the Caps have been playing!!   Go Caps!!

What have you been up to??

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Barb said...

Hope Aidan gets well soon. Nose spray . . . yuck. Go Caps! Stinks the Canucks are out! First round - what's up with that?!