Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Plan and Aidanisms

Mama, I love you a Padillion!!!  And that's more than infinity.  Even more than a hundred!!!

Wow.  That's a lot!!  : )

Mama, I just want to hold your hand and snuggle.  Okay?  (said when he got into bed with me this morning)

Okay buddy.  Anytime!!

Mama, I want to wear something that says Capitals on it everyday.

Laundry being done every night to meet that request!!

Aidan has been doing amazingly well with that nose spray we had to get.  I bought a bag of Peppermint Patties to bribe him with.  I don't know if he is doing better because he s more mature now or if its because of the bribe.  Whatever.  He's finally clearing up those poor little sinuses!!  That and the antibiotic he is on are working like a charm.  Once clear, we will get x-rays of his adenoids, tonsils and sinuses and I will film him sleeping for about 15 minutes about an hour before he wakes up and we will then go back to the ENT (late May) to check it all back out again. 

We're now three weeks into the final and fourth quarter of the school year and I haven't yet mentioned how Aidan's doing in school.  Well, amazing, of course!!  His report card came last week and several of his previous M's (Meets Requirements) have now gone up to E's (Exceeds Requiremets).  He is progressing extremely well and is already ready or First Grade--at least intellectually.  Emotionally, probably so also, but he still has some maturing to do.  He still dosen't like to sit still, but I really think that is because he is a very active 5 almost 6 year old boy.  I just tell him to try as hard as he can.

Aidan's homework has gotten progressively harder and we are no longer able to wipe it out in one evening.  But, that's okay too because he can still do it although he is a little more challenged now.  I really like last weeks homework.  His teacher sent home a plan of what to do each evening for three evenings.  It helped to break it up and when it was all finished Aidan seemed to really appreciate what he had done so much more than he has previously. 

I understand First Grade homework is much harder, as it should be.  I'm going to be challenged to sit still myself and have a better plan to help him get his homework done each night.  The neighbor girls (Second and Fifth Grade, respectively) seem to have homework nearly every night.  Ugh!  I don't remember that when I was a kid. . .  : )

Today, after some grocery shopping to supplement what we bought at Costco the other night, Aidan and I will be blowing up his room.  By that I mean that everything will be brought out of dressers, bookshelves, drawers, trunks and closet. . .gone through and either thown away, packed away, put away or given away.  Everything.  Ever.y.thing.  There is entirely too much STUFF in there. 

Then I plan to make a big pot of Spaghetti sauce, have a fire in the fireplace (still in the 50's and kind of drizzly cool today) and put the Caps v. Rangers game on.  Game time 3:00 Eastern Time!!!  Let's Go Caps!!!  C  A  P  S!!  Caps! Caps! Caps!!!

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Joy said...

First off let me say...GO CAPS! Second, I hear the homework situation is much more than when we were kids. I am so not looking forward to that part.

He is a smart boy you can just hear it in his voice when he speaks. I am sure he will do just fine in first grade.