Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Party that Was

It's Sunday morning, so our weekend isn't over yet.  But, what a party weekend!!!

Friday, Aidan went over to the neighbors to play while we waited for Joy and Anna to arrive.  I received this picture of the boys. . .our Leesburg Eagles!!!  These boys will be fast friends for ever, I think.

After our too late of a night on Friday, we got up leisurely on Saturday, breakfasted, showered and then headed out to the store to buy some gifts to take with us to the Embassy.  We were able to purchase a lot of nice pj's, underpants, and play clothes to send to the chidren in the orphanages.  And, the sale was awwesome:  buy one get one 1/2 price and I had a 20% off coupon!!! 

We also gought some new sneakers for Aidan, which I regretted immediately afterward.  : ) The four band-aids are covering a minute scratch that Aidan got when he tormented Cleo the cat. . .we wanted to make sure it was covered!!  : )
After a quick lunch at Chik-filet, we headed off to the Embassy for the annual Easter party.  The party was held in a different part of the embassy.  It was really beautiful!  After checking in, the children were allowed to play in an area where there were large panels showing State Symbols

We were then taken into another room, that had panels from with symbols from each region on them--sadly, I couln't fin dthe one for Krasnoyarsk--and these were also beautiful.  Our children lined up nicely for pictures:
The program was pretty similar to those in the past, although there was a lot more Russian music, which was really beautiful.  There was a group of adults who played traditional Russian instruments and were dressed in traditional Russian clothes.  But, the Embassy children were really cute in their clothes doing a skit about Winter/Spring/Summer and Fall.  Very cute!!!

After the program, there was a nice buffet of sandwich rolls, fruit, veggies, desserts and drinks.  We were able to visit with our friends and the children ate and played.  As usual, we were one of the last to leave.  However, before we left, Aidan put on his Ovechkin jersey and Caps hat, which garnered much comment from others and smiles all around from the Embassy employees--we had to be ready to listen to the game on the way home!!!  : )

On the way out, the Easter Bunny was ready to bid us farewell with hugs and a bags of Easter goodies.
After we left the Embassy Compound, we lined the children up for a picture by the Embassy sign.  How cute are they!?!?!?
Aidan, home 4 years; Anna home 2 3/4 years; Landon home 1 1/3 years. 

And so ended another year at the Embassy for an Easter party to remember. 

On the way home, we did indeed listen to the Caps Game and then arrived in time to watch the Double Overtime win!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Go Caps!!! 

After a dinner at Anitas, we sadly had to bid Joy and Anna farewell.  But, with promises to gather again, perhaps soon, and definitely next year for the Upperville Jumper Classic--Anna is a horse fan. . .Fun times still to come!!

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optimistikchick said...

How do you get invited to the Embassy party? I would love to have my boys there next year? Thanks