Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is not about to visit, so don't get excited.  This is a sad tale of how the Tooth Fairy has gotten lost on the way to Aidan.

Last January, I went to Aidan's Kindergarten class and read a few books to the children.  While there, I noticed several posters on the wall in the shape of a tooth.  Each had a month at the top and then a list of children who had, presumably, lost teeth during that month.  It started with August and was up to January at that point.  I assume the trend has continued.

Not long after that, I was picking Aidan up at Winwood and noticed the same thing on the walls there.  A poster of a tooth with a month at the top with  list of names of children who had lost teeth during that month. . .also beginning in August, but now up to February.  And, I noticed, that several children had already lost several teeth. 

Not Aidan. 

At his biannual dentist visit in April, the question was asked, "When might Aidan start to lose his teeth?  We want to be prepared, of course."  Well, said the dentist, Aidan got his teeth a bit late--remmber he only had 6 when you got him at almost two years old.  So, he probably won't begin to lose them unil he is about 6 1/2 or 7.  But, keep wiggling them to see.  Maybe we're wrong."  Okay.

And so, Aidan has been wiggling his teeth.  Which aren't budging. 

It's not that I want him to lose his teeth.  I like his little baby teeth. . .I don't really want him t grow up so fast.  I jst feel badly for him that all of his friends are losing them and he isn't.  Ah well.  If it goes along with what the dentist said, it could all happen at once.  Aidan did only have 6 teeth when we brought him home and then the remaining baby teeth all came in within 6 months.  It was fun!  : )

In the meantime, I have some time to plan how to celebrate the loss of the first tooth. . .

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Melissa said...

HIs time will come. And he will be so excited. I was amazed when Colby's teeth started coming loose. But he had all of his teeth in before he was 2. The last 2 came in right after we got home, at 22 months. So he's an early bird, losing his first tooth before he was 5. Yikes! I think I'd have preferred waiting. It's a big responsiblity taking care of "big boy teeth".