Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oooh! Oooh! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

So, the Grey Wolves had their second practice last night.  Aidan is doing amazingly well.  He still needs to work on some self control (same issue that continues at school) but he is doing amazingly well.  He is one of two six year olds on the team of eleven boys.  The rest of the boys are seven and eight.  I think that with some more practices and a couple of games under his belt, AND with the Skills Class starting next Saturday, he is going to improve quickly.

A couple of moves I noticed him make last night were some funny little hops which I know he has seen NHL players make to get some speed going.  Cute!  And he is getting fancy with his feet.  It's all good as long as he keeps control of the puck.  But, again, for a six year old, he is doing amazingly well.  I'm very proud of him!

Did I mention that the boys had voted to be called the Wolves?  They were assigned the color grey and at the first practice, they had a team meeting on the ice where they decided to be the Grey Wolves.  Love it!  So, on Wednesday during lunch I drew up a logo for the team. . .which has now been adopted.  : )

And placed on our new team website that another mom created.  The website is really neat because it has the team roster with parent information, etc.; our practice and game schedule; a place for pictures and video's; snack rotation; timer and score sheet rotation; and team stats with win-loss record.  It's password protected, so I can't share it here, but I assure you it is really cool!

The boys got their team jerseys and socks last night.  So cool!!  Aidan is number 21 (just like Brooks Laich from the Caps!).  They will give the jerseys back after the game on Sunday and their names will be put on the back.  Aidan is really excited about that. 

I am also now the Team Manager (I am sooo my mom!).  I coordinate with the other parents snack rotation, timer and score sheet rotation, and coordinate the Christmas and end of season parties.  How did I do that???  Well, only two of us moms volunteered and the coach flipped a coin and I won.  : )  Seriously, though, the other mom is a major drama queen.  Woah!  Seriously.  Last night everything was about her while the boys were getting their gear on and picking jerseys, etc.  Nothing was good enough for her.  She made me feel very uncomfortable.  Yikes.  Pat speculated that perhaps the coach knew her from a prior season which is how I got the job (her kid is eight and the coach's is seven).  Possible.  I did feel better about it all when a couple of other parents appeared very happy I was it.  Okay then. 

The other funny thing was that a few of the parents have adopted a wolf braying at the moon sound for when the boys score or do something good on the ice (thus the title of this post).  It is pretty funny and I imagine it will be unnerving to the other parents in the stands. 

Did I mention this is so NOT the Mini-Mites?

The jump from Mini-Mites to Mites is starting to seem like a major leap.  Aidan will be fine.  But, will we, as the parents?  : /


Shelly said...

Congrats on your "promotion!" LOL

sonflowerjax said...

So awesome! What fun!

Joy said...

He is just amazing! Some of the parents can get a little intense. Good luck. He has grown again I think.