Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, September 7, 2012

Very Active People

Our schedule is about to get really crazy.  But, in six weeks, it will move down a level to just crazy.

Aidan is still in football and his practices are Thursday evenings from 5:00 to 6:00.  His games are Saturday mornings at either 8:00 or 10:00.

Hockey practice begins this weekend and will be tomorrow afternoon from 3:30-4:40.  But, his regular practice will be from 6:10-7:20 on Friday nights.  He has a skills class on Saturday afternoons from 2:10-3:20 and then his games will be on Sunday mornings at either 7:40 or 8:50. . .

Are you following?  Or have your eyes glazed over due to the lack of sleep you know I'll be getting???

The good news on all of this:

Football ends on October 13th. . .six weeks from now.  Then we just have the hockey portion of the schedule. . .AND there's no hockey Columbus Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, the skills class ends December 8th, but begins again the first part of January.  Hockey practice and games take a three week break during Christmas and New Years. 

So, there is some hope of sleep!  And the better news is that I have long weekends from work at the same time as these breaks happen!!

And the even better news is that Aidan is really loving all of it.  His face brightens and he just smiles the entire time.  AND he ate ALL of his dinner last night without me having to say even once to keep eating!!!!!!!!!  (this is huge, in case you were wondering)

So, if I can just get through these next six weeks. . .

In other news:

Aidan is LOVING First Grade, his teacher, and his friends.  And he seems to be picking up where he left off in Kindergarten and may actually have advanced some over the summer (thank you Winwood!).  But, he is having some trouble with paying attention (listening ears) and not talking when he shouldn't.  There is a reward system at school which gets reported to us each day:  The children start with 4 stars and then lose a star each time they aren't paying attention/talking/being disruptive.  Aidan had 2 stars on Tuesday, 0 stars on Wednesday and then 2 again on Thursday.  Yikes!!!  So, we have started a system here at home to hopefully compliment the one at school.We'll see how it goes.  The good news is that Aidan is really interested in trying to do better. 

I'm hoping this is just because he is an active six year old boy. . .

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