Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, March 3, 2013

End of the Mites Fall/Winter Season

Well, our season is over.  Our Grey Wolves finished off the season with a great win over the White team and wound up in 5th place overall in the entire Mites Division.  That's pretty good, if you ask me!  That's 5th place out of 12 teams. 

Some highlights from today, a game in which Aidan scored twice again--just like last week!

Practicing before the game.

Aidan's buddy George.  Today is George's 9th birthday! 

I love when I see Aidan skate backward.  Even though you can't tell in the picture.

Getting ready to defend our goal.

Staying ready in a defense posture.

At Center for the faceoff. . .you actually can't see my boy.

Chasing down the puck.

Skating backward and staying ready on offense.

Getting checked and giving the shoulder right back!

Ready to receive the puck.

Celebrate good times!  Come On!!!!

Oh, alright.  We'll shake hands, too.

Looking a little raggedy but ready to receive their awards.
Eash boy was called up by name, in alphabetical order.

So cute.  But, boy is my boy looking raggedy!!  He really needs a hair cut.  Or at least a trim!  I also want to put his orange laces back on the new skates so I can find him easier on the ice!!!

Fifth Place!!!!  Way to go boys!!!

And now to celebrate at Buffalo Wing Factory with food, cake and balloons!!

Fun times.
And now we are off for a bit pending the start of the Spring League.  Yes, we have a whole 8 days to rest and recuperate before it all begins again!!  Albeit for a shorter season. . .

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Shelly said...

Just getting caught up on my reading here...Aidan in so getting big! Wow! And what facebook "fear" are you referring to? I'm a member of the Kras. adoption group but I haven't seen anything like that on there...