Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Endings. . . .And Beginnings!

Things are rapidly wrapping up for a lot of things. 

That didn't sound like a very good sentence, but I'm not sure how else to say it!

Anyway, we have a lot of things ending lately:

Aidan's Select Travel Hockey Team has had their last practice last Tuesday.  They have a tournament this weekend in Philadelphia for which we will leave Friday evening.  His coach takes this so seriously, he tells us the boys have a curfew of 9:00--no problem since Aidan's bedtime is 8:00 and that they should abstain from sodas and candy--sodas are no problem either because Aidan doesn't like carbonated drinks!  Chocolate, on the other hand. . .And this has been the edict since the beginning of May.  Really, these are 7 and 8 year old boys.  He does follow these statements with, "Let the boys have fun!"  Okay. . ..

Anyway, the Philly tournament should be a lot of fun.  We've really made some good friends on this team and hope that they boys can stay together in the future for Travel Hockey.  The tournament is at Ice Works Ice House in Aston and Aidan has two games Saturday and two games Sunday.  The Saturday games, 7:35 and 3:35 respectively, are situated perfectly for us to go to Constitution Hall in between and see some sights.  I'm excited for Aidan to see the Signing Room and the Liberty Bell.

Sunday's games are at 9:35 and either 1:35 or 3:00 depending on game record.  We'll head home directly after the second game--3 to 3 1/2 hour drive.  Thankfully, we're off on Monday!!

Also wrapping up is the Kelly Green House League Team.  We thought we had ended up in 2nd place but it's actually 3rd so our final game will be against the team we just beat last Saturday--which is coached by Aidan's Travel Team coach!  We have one more practice with this team, next Tuesday, and then the Tournament Game.  Then we'll either have a cook out or take the boys out for Wings to celebrate the season.

I'm very proud of the progress Aidan has made with both teams this season.  He has learned a lot with both of these coaches and I think will progress even more over the summer. 

Lest I give the impression that hockey is over. . .no, it's not.  In the midst of all of the above, there will be Xtreme tryouts: #1 on the 29th, #2 on June 1, and #3 on June 2.  We don't expect Aidan to make it, but it will be a really good experience for him to see what he needs to do in order to make it next time.  Actually, next year is when we're hoping he'll make it. . .

There are two weeks left in school: next week and the week after--both are only 4 days.  We are working on the final Word Study homework for the year. . .Yippee!!!  Can you say Hallelujah with me?!?!  Seriously glad that is over for a while.  It's been a good exercise, but whoa.  The last week of school, Aidan has Field Day.  Do you remember Field Day??  You can tell the end of school is near. . .the backpack practically explodes with paper when you open it.

With all of these endings, there will be Beginnings, too.

The pool opens this weekend!  And now that it is actually feeling warm--and rather soupy, I might add--it will be a welcome treat to go! 

Summer camps will be starting as soon as school lets out.  The week after school is out, Aidan will be going to Winwood for two weeks.  He probably won't like it, but I know he'll see a couple of friends he hasn't seen since last summer, so that will make it better.  Then he'll be at hockey camp for a week and then Ida Lee Camp for two weeks and so on.  In the midst of that, and actually the second week of Summer Vacation, Aidan will start skating lessons on Wednesday mornings.  He didn't like the idea at first, but we explained to him it was special lessons for boys already playing on teams to help them skate better and faster.  I'm hoping this will help him with confidence in his backward skating.

We're also ready to begin our House Renovations plans.  We're starting the process of getting bids on doing a Screened Porch on the back and some Stamped Concrete patios and walkways.  I'd also like to expand our driveway a bit with the Stamped Concrete.  We're hoping to get this started around the beginning of June.  And, during the summer months, while our yard is torn up, we'll be working on finishing up the Man Cave with the hopes it will be finished by Football season. . .

I will also be cleaning and organizing closets. . .it's that time to clean out some old winter things to make way for some new for next fall. . .and I'll be going back to Weight Watchers again now that the crazy hockey schedule is over.  June 3rd.  I've put back a couple of the pounds I lost last winter, but not all of them.  I'd really just like to get back to not eating out so much and really working to get in  better shape.  I know I can do it!

And now for a couple of pictures. . .

Aidan was heavy on Defense last weekend.  Awesome to watch!

I just like this one.  The boys were so happy with how they were playing!

And what a celebration!

Aidan's birthday cake.

At his party, we played some classics. . .like the Relay race with the spoon and the hockey puck. . .

Pin the puck on the Goalie. . .

Oh and some Street Hockey. . .what you haven't heard of these games??  : )

And then the piece d'resistance. . .the cake with a Sparkler 7 Candle!!!  Fun times!!

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sonflowerjax said...

Looks lklike your little man had a great birthday and that he is so stinkin good at hockey for his age! Awesome! Sad we missed you this close yet so far away!