Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Team Ashburn

The 2013 Ice Works Memorial Day Tournament has wrapped up and ended.  What an experience!  I had to laugh because there were so many Ashburn teams at this tournament.  I think at least 3 for each level.  There were definitely 3 at the Mite level, one of which was Aidan's team. 
Every where you went, you saw the colors red, black and white (Team Ashburn's colors) along with the blazing puck. . .and you heard the above cheer rising in varying levels of voices--higher pitched for the young guys and a little deeper as they got older.  It did make me wonder what people thought of us:  Those Ashburn people are just producing hockey players left and right!!
Regardless, it was a wonderful weekend.  Great experience for the boys and a great experience for the parents.  Luckily, our coaches had prepared us both, players and parents, for the intensity of it all.
Exhausted as he was, Aidan scored in all four games.  In fact, his scoring and playing ability increased with each game:  1 goal each in the first two games; 2 goals in game three and 7 goals in game four, which earned him the game puck from the Championship game.  We were very proud of how he played and stayed focused on the game. 
After seeing how Aidan handled this weekend, I think it is safe to say he is ready for Travel hockey.  He will try out for Xtreme, beginning tonight.  I don't really expect him to make it since this is really for birth year 2005.  But, this will be a good experience for him to prepare for next year.  He'll know more about how he needs to do this kind of try out. 
After these past eight weeks, I can see why the parents become so close, too.  We really forged some good friendships and got to know all of the boys, too.  I am happy to say that we feel comfortable with all of them. 
The boys before games started on Day 2: Aidan has yellow laces and green tape on the top of his stick.
Action pictures!!
Going after a puck that was sent up the boards.
Dump and Chase!
Got it. . .
Aiming to shoot. . .
And he scored!!!  I missed the actual celebration, because I was celebrating, too. 

The team in a group hug after a win.
These were some smiling boys after their win and the coach was there to say to them,
Aidan is in the back row, second from the right.  That's his mouthguard he's chewing on like bubble gum.

Another thing we discovered at the tournament this weekend. . .People really do practice Curling!!!  And they have tournaments for this stuff!!!  It's not just at the Olympics!!!!

Okay, so!  One more Kelly Green game, one more swimming lesson and 7 more days of school!!!  And then we can relax and enjoy some Summer Time!!!!  Which will, of course, include hockey.  : )

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Joy said...

I can not believe how fast the summer is coming. You may have a future hockey pro on your hands. Anna starts back to swimming school this week.