Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rites of Passage

I suppose every boy goes through these little rites of passage.  It's a part of becoming a boy.  An older boy.  Not a baby anymore.  A man.

It makes Mama a little sad, though, that the little pieces of innocence are chipped away, revealing that our baby boys are just like all other boys. . .and men.

What has happened?

Arm farts. 

Aidan learned to do this this past week from one of his Jack friends ( he has THREE of them).  Yes, this Jack friend is older--he is eight.  He plays hockey with Aidan, on both of his current teams.  And, it turns out, my son is a quick study. It took all of five minutes after Tuesday nights practice for this Jack to teach my innocent little Aidan how to do an Arm fart.

What's next???  Burping the alphabet???

Don't you dare tell him that this is a possibility!!!  (I screech!!)

And the other rite of passage?  (right.  I did say "rites" didn't I?)

Travel teams.  whoa.

This is some serious stuff, people!

Aidan's first ever hockey tournament was this weekend.  Our team split the four games between two sets of boys-9 per team.  The games were drawn out of a hat and our team got both Saturday games:  7:40 am and 1:50 pm.  We had to be at the rink one hour before game time for both games.  Oh my.  All  can say is that next time when they ask us if we want to alternate the games, I will still agree but will ask that they do a Team A, Team B, Team A, Team B format rather than how it worked out.

The tournament was in Laurel, Maryland, which is about an hour and 15 minutes drive away.  Which means, since we had to BE there at 6:40 yesterday morning, we had to leave our house no later than about 5:20 am.  I got Aidan up at 5:00.  We stopped at Grandma and Grandpas on the way home, who graciously bought us dinner and plied us with beer and juice before sending us on the rest of the way.  Thank God for Grandma and Grandpa!!!  Without them, I'm not sure if I would have had the  energy to even order in!

In any case, here are some pictures of my baby boy at the game yesterday.  I really like the jerseys!  A stands for Ashburn and Aidan is number 20.  He did score in the first game, too!  Huge because this was is first Travel team game!!

And now, it's picture time!!

My adorable baby boy.

The team!!

He's ready.  Just thinking about the game!

Waiting to go on the ice.

Game two.  Red this time.
 Thinking it over.  He looks sooooo serious!

Coach said they could watch The Caps play the Rangers, game 2 of the Playoffs, if they took a knee.  Aren't they adorable???

On the way in for Game 2.

  That's Aidan, fourth one back.

Aidan, rushing down the ice.

And he beats the others!!

Controlling the puck in the rush of players.

Showing some skating skill.

And puck handling.

Looking ferocious.  And still cute!!
Talking it over with Jack, his Center to Aidan's Left Wing

After Game 2!

On the way back to the Locker Room.  Ironically, the boy in front of him, "Richardson" is on
Aidan's house league team!

Next up:  Nana's visit
                Aidan's birthday
                Tournament in Philadelphia during Memorial Day Weekend.

We have a busy month coming up!!

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Shelly said...

We're busy around here too! Annsley and Kennedi are in softball/t-ball with games/practices, and it's CRAZY around here. Way to go Aidan on a great games and getting up early!!!!