Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, June 21, 2013

Officially Official

Okay so now it's officially official.  It's Summertime!!!!!! 

I have a short little whine and then it's all back to good fun summertime, summertime, summertime!

I feel like we are going to spend the entire summer getting estimates on our porch and concrete projects. . .Pat now wants one more. . .sigh.  I am really hoping to use that porch before the cold weather comes back!!

Okay!  That's it.  Back to Summertime!!!

We're going out to dinner and then to see Monsters U tonight.  Just us three.  Can't wait!!  Aidan was already talking last night about the popcorn. . .did you know that there are all kinds of things in these Pixar films referencing other Pixar films??  Jessie, the Pizza planet car, Andy's wallpaper and several more.  Now that I know, I'm going to be looking tonight.  Supposedly, Boo's toy that she tried to give Kitty (Sully) was Nemo at the end of Monsters Inc.  I'll have to look for that next time I watch it. 

And now for some pictures, some of which my talented son took!

Aidan ready for his first Cold Rush Lesson. . .new jersey and all!  Doesn't he have the most gorgeous eyes???  Even with the helmet cage, they are arresting.
Here is one of the new flag shirts. I love it!  The white strips are baseball bats and the stars are baseballs.  Isn't that great???

And here are Aidan's girls--pictures by Aidan. . .Mama and Maggikins.  My picture isn't so great, but it serves as a great reminder that I need to use something stronger on my face to combat the aging process. . .it may be too late, though, since I have that big birthday coming that ends in a 0.  No numbers anyone!!! 

And I love this one. . .Aidan is a snuggler.  He loves to snuggle.  And if you are sitting still, he will invariably come and snuggle.  Pat was resting outside the other day after dinner and I looked out the kitchen window while doing the dishes and saw this scene.  LOVE!!!

Have a great first weekend of summer!

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Joy said...

What a cute picture of the two of them.