Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me! I'm 103!!

This is Hockey Camp week.  And Aidan is in heaven!

I, on the other hand, had all kinds of anxiety last weekend leading up to this week.  While we have been going to the Ice House for several years now, and we know lots of people, it was the first time Aidan had been there for any length of time alone.  Without me. 

Okay, truth?  I was a little upset I couldn't be there to watch him all day. 

Okay.  More than a little.

I'll be fine.


Anyway, Pat was off on Monday, so he took Aidan to the Ice House and got him checked in and suited up and saw him onto the ice.  And then called to tell me how happy he was and about all of Aidan's friends who were there. 

Okay.  I'm a little better.

Pat went back before the day ended to watch some of the scrimmage the boys do at the end of the day and watched Aidan score several goals.  And then he called to tell me about it. . .the green eyed monster was happy, but not. . .This is like rubbing an itch instead of scratching it!!!  sigh...

The phone call home on Day one was awesome.  Aidan chattering away about his day, all happy, and me feeling sooooo much better about him being there.

It's worked out all week.  I drop Aidan off in the morning and then Pat picks him up and they call me on the way home to tell me how things went.

Yesterday, though, Aidan also had his Cold Rush lesson in the morning.  So, we left the house at 5:15 am and off we went.  This time I took a few videos and am posting some here.  Aidan is in the dark jersey and is wearing red socks with black and white strips (yes, Blackhawks socks!!  These are also Xtreme socks!!)

 Aidan's backward skating and power skating has improved soooo much!  Even just since last Wednesday!  I'm very impressed. . . .
 But, this backward skating while pulling the tire was really impressive.  I was so proud of my little man!!  I think he is going to be skating so awesome by the end of summer. . .
And the stick and puck handling!  This is really pretty cool and takes so much more coordination than most of us realize.  This video was good, but he did this one time so well and so good, he got a huge attaboy from the Stick Coach.
After this lesson, I had to leave him and go on to work while he did his camp for the rest of the day.  I knew he would be tired and very hungry.  I did pack extra snacks, but the phone call at the end of the day was hilarious, nonetheless! 

Aidan:  I'm starving Mama!!
Me:  Did you eat everything in your lunch?
Aidan:  Yes.  And everything in my snack bag, too!!
Me:  Well, I guess you can have some cereal when you get home. . .And then dinner. .
Aidan:  Okay.  But, I'm starving now!
Me:  Aidan, how are you feeling?  Are you tired?
Aidan:  Yes,  little. . .NO!!  I'm NOT tired!  (he wants to play outside when he gets home.)

That conversation happened at 4:09.

At 4:12, Pat texted me this picture:

No, I'm not tired!!!  : )  He was out a little after 8:00 last night, too.

Two more days of Hockey Camp!!  I packed even more snacks today. . .

Oh, yeah.  Today's my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!  I'm 103!  I look like a monkey!  But, I can't climb a tree!  There.  Now it won't feel so bad when Aidan says it. . .

Have a great day!

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