Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Unoffically Officially Summer

Summer is officially underway.  Okay, the season of summer isn't, but summer plans, camps, and activities are!

Aidan is finishing up his second week of Winwood Summer Camp.  He's been having a lot of fun.  They've gone to the Dinosaur Park, had a Moon Bounce, gone to a Water Park and they went to King Pins to go bowling.  We had some horrendous weather last week and both Pat and I were really glad Aidan was at Winwood during it.  There was a Tornado warning, power outages, and some flooding.  But, we trust the folks at Winwood to keep the children safe.  They always have a great plan for these kinds of things.  Today is just a play day at Winwood and then tomorrow will be Wet and Wild day: they play in the sprinklers on the playground.  And the weather will be perfect for it!

Last Saturday, Aidan and I signed up for the Summer Reading Program at our library.  It's pretty cool.  There are several activities that we are to do and most look fun.  One will be to go to our local museum and see some of our town history there.  Cool!  And one of my activities is to learn how to use the lending program for my Kindle.  I'm excited about that one.  First up, though, will be for Aidan to draw a map of how to get from our house to the library.  He's a good artist, so it should be really nice.  It's not hard, though.  We live across the street!  : )

Aidan started his summer skating lessons with Cold Rush yesterday.  There are 12 boys in the class ranging in age of 7-10.  I think Aidan is one of the youngest.  He got a new jersey with the Cold Rush logo. . .just what we needed!!!  Another jersey!!  Anyway, the lesson started at 6:00 am and when I sat down in the stands and looked at the clock and saw 5:58, I couldn't help but think about all the years my mom drove me, twice a day!!, to swimming practice.  And the morning one was early, too.  So, this is what moms do.  We sacrifice a little of our mornings so our kids can learn and get better in their sport. . .The lesson was great.  They had to do this backward skate down the ice where the took their skates out wide and then bring them in, jump in the air and click the skates together and then do it again.  I thought Aidan would fall, but he didn't.  In fact, he did this drill quite well!  There were a lot of drills in the 80 minute lessons.  Some we can work on at home, too.  I think at the end of the summer, we'll see a huge improvement in Aidan's skating ability because of these lessons.  And the fun part was that there were some of his friends there from his Spring Travel team! 

Next week is the first of three all day week long hockey camps.  There will be several boys at this one that I know Aidan will have fun with.  Should be a great week for him!

We're continuing on with our estimates for the porch project.  We got one yesterday where the guy said he could do the roof line we really want--everyone else has said they couldn't do it this way because of the configuration of our house.  I suspect when we get his numbers, though, he'll be way out of our price range.  It's nice to dream though.  We had another estimate on Tuesday and we have asked one more company to come out.  That will end up being about 5 estimates.  I think we will be able to make a truly informed and educated decision once they are all in. . .I'm hoping to enjoy the porch at least a little before it gets cold again. . .  : )

Monsters U comes out this Friday.  I'd love to take Aidan to see it sometime this weekend.  I'm going to see if the boys want to go tomorrow night.  We need a family night out, I think. 

Now that summer has come, we have been a little relaxed about bed time for Aidan.  We've been letting him play outside almost as much as he wants.  Of course, according to him, it's not enough and we make him go to bed too early.  With the early lesson on Wednesdays, Tuesday and Wednesday bedtimes are back to the normal time though.  But, I've noticed that he is grumpier and doesn't seem to be as nice to his friends.  I think it is partly because of the friend he has been playing with, but also because he isn't sleeping enough.  So, we are probably going back to the earlier bed time.  It for the best of everyone.

My house cleaning lady cancelled for this weekend.  As much as I hate that and would rather be doing something else, I am actually kind of glad for the opportunity to clean the house.  I've noticed lately it hasn't been quite as clean as I would like.  So, I am going to give this house a really deep clean.  I think I'll get Pat and Aidan passes to the water park over at Ida Lee for the day so I can focus totally on the house.  The bathroom showers really need a major scrub down. 

In the process of cleaning out Aidan's dresser and closet, I noticed that he no longer has any sleeveless T's nor anything with the American flag on it.  With the 4th of July only two weeks away, we must have something that is red, white and blue!!  So, I did a little online shopping with Gap and Gymboree and got a few things.  I'll take pictures as he wears these cool things. . .

That's about it for now.  I don't even have any pictures to share today!  Have a great day.

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Hey, if you feel like you need some house cleaning practice, feel free to drop by my house! I'm all yours!!!