Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, July 12, 2013

Week Five of Summer Break

Summer Break is five weeks old now and Aidan has finished his second of two weeks at Ida Lee Camp.  Well, actually, today is the last day but he is staying home with Daddy so they can go to a Stick and Shoot and practice some of his foot and stick skills he's been learning. 

I think Aidan had a good time at Ida Lee Camp.  He got to go swimming every day, which he absolutely loved.  And he brought home some art that is really pretty cool.  The water park they went to both weeks--which is right here in Leesburg!--has a lot of slides that he liked, but he LOVED the lazy river.  : )  So like his mama.

At his Cold Rush lesson this week, I heard the foot skills coach picking and picking and picking on Aidan.  At first I was a little worried about that.  But, then she skated up to Aidan and said very loudly, "Do you know why I'm picking on you?"  No, Aidan responded.  "Because you're very good and I think you can be even better!"  Whoa. . .this lady teaches and coaches several NHL players. . .After her 40 minutes were up and the Stick skills coach got on the ice for his 40 minutes, I went to talk to Ms. Marco.  And yes, she confirmed what I have been thinking (of course I think this!  I'm his Mama!) Aidan is a very good skater.  She told me some things we can practice at home and on vacation to help him be even better--and it can all be a fun family game, too!  Hopping on one foot; see who can stand on one foot the longest; hop over things with one or two feet, etc.  This can really be a fun thing!  Can't you just see us at the edge of the ocean trying to see who can stay upright on one foot with waves hitting us?? 

When I went back to watch the Stick Skills portion, I noticed the Stick Skills coach picking on Aidan also.  And Aidan was responding excellently.  Apparently, he has been pegged as a Sniper and they are working on that with him. . .hmmmmm. . .

That night, Aidan was so exhausted, he took an hour and a half nap before dinner. . .bad idea on our part for letting him because then he was not ready for bed.  Ooops!

Tomorrow, we leave for the beach.  Yeah!  We're not going anywhere special.  Just Kitty Hawk.  But, I am excited to get away for a bit.  And it will be really cool to take Aidan to Kill Devil Hills and show him where the Wright Brothers flew their plane.  At the beginning of summer, he read a Historic Fiction book about Orville and Wilber Wright so this will bring that to life for him.  And, if we have a rainy day, we thought we would drive down to Ocracoke and explore that island again.  We did enjoy that last year.

And update on my mom:  she finished her radiation treatment on the 3rd but is not doing very good.  She has lost a lot of weight because she got very sick from the radiation and we've been trying to get her to eat anything with a lot of calories.  My older sister was there last weekend and will be going back this coming week.  I'm going to look at my calendar to see what I can work out, too and I'm sure my younger sister will plan something as well.  I'm very worried that she is giving up.  I hear it in her voice when I talk to her each day.  If the cancer is still there, she will likely refuse further treatment.  It all just makes me cry.  But, I'm grateful I had the time with her for Mother's Day and Aidan's birthday. 

That's it for now.  Have a great Friday.

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Joy said...

I have been wondering how your Mom was doing. I hope the cancer is gone.