Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Into Summer and Independence Day

Incredibly, we're already 1/3 of the way into Summer Break.  We've been having fun and we've been busy, but we still have so much to do!

Our weather, this summer, hasn't been the greatest.  It's been warm, mostly in about the mid-to upper- 80's.  But, it's been cloudy and rainy a lot.  Fortunately, it hasn't messed up any of Aidan's camp plans.  Things have progressed as scheduled.  So far.  And this weekend we have hit the 90's. . .can you say humid?????  Blech!

Aidan finished up Hockey Camp and this past week spent his time at Ida Lee Camp.  It was only for three days, due to the Fourth of July and then I was off on Friday.  But, I think he had fun.  He got to go swimming every day, indoor pool on Monday and Tuesday and then at the AV Symington outdoor water park on Wednesday.  He'll be back at Ida Lee Camp this coming week.  He will again get to go swimming most days at the indoor pool, but on Tuesday, they will go to Pump it Up (large bouncy slide place) and then on Thursday they will go to AV Symington Outdoor Water Park again.  They are also scheduled to do some tye dye T shirts.  And then we will be blessedly on vacation. . at the beach. . .as a family!  Woo Hoo!!

The Fourth of July was fun.  I've just not had much energy this summer so I decided to buy these Chili Lime Chicken on a Stick things from Costco--very yummy!  and I served it with hot dogs (for the kids), Four Bean Salad (also from Costco), chips and dips, chips and salsa, and cheese and crackers.  And all on paper plates.  I know.  What no barbeque???  I did make some Carolina BBQ last weekend when Pat's cousin was here visiting.  I even smoked it outside, made the rub, basting sauce and BBQ sauce from scratch.  I added baked beans, deviled eggs, chips and homemade (and homegrown) blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for desert.  Probably why I didn't have the energy for the fourth!  It was all yummy--both days.  In fact, I will definitely buy the Chili Lime Chicken on a Stick again.  Very very tasty!!

On the Fourth, Aidan was asked to be in the parade.  Our neighbor heads up our local Toys for Tots program and drove his Classic Mustang--recently restored to beauty--in the parade with a sign.  Aidan was decked out in his stars and stripes shirt, jean shorts, flip flops (which you can't see) and his stars and stripes sunglasses.  Very patriotic!!

Here with Mama before the parade.

Daddy helping out by moving the car into position.



The rest of the parade was the usual fun. . .George Washington, classic trucks and cars, Town Council, some politicians running for office this fall, fire trucks, police cars and, of course the Bolivian Dancers. . .we never understand the Bolivian Dancers part. . .but whatever.

My baby waving in the parade!!!  Such an American. . .

And popsicles after the parade makes it perfect.
Later in the day, friends came over for the above mentioned easy dinner and the kids got their bathing suits on and played in the sprinkler and hose.

They really had a blast.  It was hot and humid and watching them play like this was actually a lot of fun. . .
After dinner, the kids were in other, clean and dry, patriotic clothes and we did sparklers and some fireworks while we waited for out Town to start setting them off.  And when they did, they were as beautiful as always. . .
Two sparklers at once

I'll just stick to one, thank you.

And Daddy was able to swing by and enjoy some family time, too!  Yeah!!

Oooooh!!!  Ahhhhhhh!!!

Pictures of fireworks rarely turn out as cool as the real thing.  Trust me. . .these were really awesome!
Our other summer projects are continuing.  We have narrowed things down to two for the Screened Porch.  We will likely decide for sure Monday or Tuesday.  The plans are really cool and I can't wait to get going on it.  It will be wonderful to enjoy it. . . in September!!  : )
The gas fireplace has been ordered.  We made a bit of a change in our plans for this.  Originally, we had intended to put this in the Man Cave because it gets so cold in there.  But, with the sizing issues, we decided to move the smaller electric fireplace into that room, rearranged our plans for things in there and are putting the bigger gas fireplace in the Rec Room.  It makes sense, because we actually spend more time in the Rec Room and when we do go into the Man Cave, we really just need to take the chill off and then we're okay.  Our plan is to have it all together and the bar built by the time football season starts.
Speaking of Football, I guess Aidan will find out his team for the fall league in about a week or so.  Probably while we're on vacation.  Practices will start the first week in August.  Ugh!  Hot.
Other summertime enjoyments:  We went to see Monsters University as a family a couple of weeks ago.  Very fun and very funny!!  Loved it.  Yesterday, Aidan and I joined our friends Kelly and Catherine for Despicable Me 2.  Also very fun and very funny!  Nice afternoon out.
We also plan to see Turbo and Smurfs 2 later this summer.  We're not planning on Planes because Aidan is really over the Cars stuff.  I guess that's a sign of him growing up!
And growing he is. . .I think he is getting ready for a major growth spurt.  He is eating everything in sight and the amount of food I am sending with him to camp is amazing. . .and his lunch box comes home empty. . .and it wasn't enough during hockey camp!  Note to self:  Remember to send double the amount of food during the two hockey camps in August. . .
Another Note to self:  Don't take Aidan grocery shopping if he hasn't eaten five minutes before you leave. . .Big Money!!!  Big Money!!!
Have a great weekend and upcoming week!!

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