Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pictures and Stuff

I don't know what's been wrong with my phone--aside from the fact that it is an iPhone 3 and is in desperate need of replacement--maybe I'll wait for the 6. . .but I haven't been able to send messages, except text messages, with or without pictures since we went to the beach in mid-July.  I finally got it fixed yesterday--still don't know what was wrong or how I fixed it, but it is working again.  And I have downloaded some pictures to share that I've taken since then.

This is Aidan and Preston after a ColdRush practice.  Preston was on Aidan's travel team last spring.  shhhh. . .Aidan' a better skater.  : )

This is Aidan and our neighbor Zach.  I took the boys skating a couple of weeks ago to just have some fun.  Aidan showed off a bit, but he really had fun.  I did this again this past weekend with another little friend.  I MUST remember to take Aidan more often so he can just have fun on the ice.
Look at his smile!!

The boys were being lined up for football pictures  They did really good and listened well.  Aidan was off to the side waiting to be told where he should stand.  They were so cute!

The boys were ready to play this scrimmage.  They went where the coach told them and actually did the moves they practiced.  That's my baby. . .#11 with his hands on his hips.  Looks like he knows what he's doing, right?  : )

And here's Aidan's latest road rash. . .on his nose!!!  The picture doesn't show how bad it really looked. . .to me, that is.  Pat didn't think it was that bad.  But, seriously.  The kids went to a water park yesterday with Winwood.  I arrived at 4:50 to pick Aidan up and they weren't back yet.  Really!  There were parents waiting around in the lobby for the buses to arrive.  No one called or emailed to say they were going to be late--usually, they try to arrive back by 4:00 from field trips.  I had heard nothing.  They finally arrived at 5:00.  Aidan got off the bus and that is when I found out about his nose.  Yes, Aidan was running on the wet concrete where he wasn't supposed to, but still.  No phone call to tell me about it!  Nothing!  And then, they had the audacity to tell me that I would have to wait to sign the report that hadn't even been written up.  I told them I would sign it later.  Aidan said it didn't hurt and he understood he shouldn't have been running.  But. .  Not a happy Mama.  Luckily for them, Pat will be picking Aidan up today. . .

The porch roof is up!!!!  We'll be buying the screen doors and a ceiling fan this weekend!!!!

Aidan has a loose tooth!!!!  Finally!!!  It's the beginning stages of being loose, but it's loose!  I can see it wiggle a little!!!  He's excited.  Okay, so am I.  ; )

I don't know what to do about my mom.  I talked to her again yesterday and she said she still hasn't seen a doctor about her knee.  She's been in the hospital since Saturday.  She said her doctor is on vacation.  When I suggested that there are a lot of orthopeadic doctors that could help her, she blew up at me.  And anytime anyone of us suggests that she come to one of our houses, she gets really angry.  I ended up getting a bit mad at her and told her we aren't trying to make her move, we're simply trying to get her better so that she CAN go on living alone.  I don't know how much longer I can be gracious and understanding with her.  She is acting like a child. . .and I know!  I have one!  I don't want in in their 7's and one in their 70's!!!  Okay, yes I do.  Frustrating. . .

Okay. . .I'm better.  Thank you for listening to me rant.  I will be kind to my mom.  She has had it rough this summer.  I'm not sure I can be understanding, but I'll try really hard not to let her know that.

That's about it.  We're waiting on pins and needles to find out who Aidan will have as a teacher next year.  That should be arriving in the mail later this week. 


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