Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Weeks Until School Starts

This past week was beyond busy.  I don't think I like weeks like that.  We were hustling every day.  But, but the weekend, we w it down and this week should be much much better.  Until Saturday, that is.

Aidan was at Hockey Camp this past week.  Pat was able to take him on Monday and Tuesday and then picked him up Monday through Thursday.  I took him on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and picked him up on Friday.  It worked out for our schedule.  Aidan has his regular Cold Rush lesson on Wednesday morning, too.  All I can say is that we are glad there are only two more of those lessons left! 

The Camp was good, though.  Aidan saw some of his friends from last years House League and a couple of friends he went to Preschool with.  I saw him skate a little on Friday when I went to pick him up and was suitably impressed with what he is doing.

Adding to that already hectic mess, Aidan had football practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  He really didn't want to go because he was so tired.  Poor little guy.  And then on Wednesday, he told me that he really doesn't like football.  Why buddy?  Because there are so many bugs!!!  (Gnats and mosquitos love him)  It didn't occur to me until the next day that he doesn't usually have bugs--there aren't any in the Ice House!!  We'll be taking bug spray this week.

Saturday, I took Aidan to the Reston rink to do a lesson with a different group.  He really liked this one.  And, it was really cool because they video parts of the lesson and review it with the skater, pointing out what was good and what needs work.  All very positively presented, too. Then, they email the video to mom and dad.  Pretty cool!  This coach told Aidan he has a very excellent top shelf wrist shot!    : )

After the lesson, we high tailed it back to Leesburg for football pictures which was followed by a scrimmage and the Fun Fest.  Aidan looked really cute in his uniform and scraggily hair!  And he did really good at blocking and stopping plays.  I bought him some tickets to play some at the Fun Fest, which I had avoided last year.  But, he earned it with all the work he did this week.

Once home from all of this, I fed him a PB&J sandwich and then he napped for a little over an hour.  Then, I took him to see Smurfs 2, which I have been promising all summer.  All I can say about that was that the popcorn was good.  The movie?  eh. . .

We went to bed very early and he slept a little more than 12 hours.  He needs more rest, so we really didn't do a lot on Sunday.  We did go skating for fun with some friends, but then were back in bed early Sunday night. 

This week will be a little easier.  He will be at Winwood Camp so he'll have some quiet time.  He'll still have his Wednesday morning lesson and football three days (don't you think 7 is a little young for 3 football practices a week???) but the days will be a lot easier for him.

The porch is progressing.  The rafters are all up an the inside has been stained.  The roof was supposed to go up yesterday, but it rained and our contractor was sick.  Hopefully, today. 

My mom isn't well again.  Now she has broken her knee cap in six places.  It's a long story, but I really think she has not had the care she has needed with these doctors out there in Vegas.  So, my sisters and I are working out a plan where she will come to one of our houses to heal and get herself back to a better place health wise.  It's very obvious to us that she is not getting what she needs there.

I have to admit, I think I am ready for school to start again so we can be only a little crazy with our schedule!

I have some pictures, but I can't seem to get them from my phone to here.  I'll keep trying and hopefully add them later.

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