Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Home Alone

Although I have been away from Aidan a couple of times, I have not be home alone for more than a couple of hours in 5 1/2 years.  And this weekend, I am Home Alone! 

The boys left yesterday afternoon to spend the weekend with a friend of Pat's down at Lake Anna.  They are boating and fishing and generally have a grand Guy's Weekend away.  And meanwhile, back at the house. . .

It is tax free weekend here in Virginia!!!!  So, mommy has been shopping and have a grand Girl's Weekend at home!!  Hey, 6% savings is nothing to sneeze at!!

Yesterday, after work, I went straight to Target and bought all of Aidan's school supplies plus two packs of socks

I'm always amazed as some of the supplies we have to buy:  10 glue sticks; 3 dozen latex free wooden pencils; 4 black marble composition books. . .at least this year we didn't have to do any Quart sized zip lock baggies!

I then spent the rest of the evening watching chick flicks!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!

Today, I was up and left the house at 9:30.  In addition to tax free weekend, I had 20% off at Dicks through Central Loudoun Youth Football League--good only for today.  So, I went off to buy Aidan's cleats and some things for football. . .and his sneakers that he picked out last weekend. . .size 3 1/2!!  I think they might fit me. . .

After Dicks, I headed over to Gap and Gymboree to get a few things to supplement what still fits from last year. . .

Finally, I went to Yankee Candle to buy some candles to supplement the ones I needed. . .no, these don't get the tax free discount, but I had a $15.00 off coupon!

And now I'm exhausted!!!  I'm planning to spend the rest of the day balancing the checkbook and then heading downstairs to finish the laundry and watch another chick flick!!!

But, first, let me tell you what else has been going on around here:

Aidan has one more week at Ida Lee Camp.  He enjoyed his week at Winwood Camp with the day at Cub Run Water Park and a day at Skyline Caverns--so awesome.  And then this past week he was swimming every day at Ida Lee with one day at AV Symington Water Park.  This week, he'll be bowling and spending another day at AV Symington Water Park at Ida Lee Camp.  After that, we'll have a week at Hockey Camp, a week at Winwood Camp and then a final week at Hockey Camp and then it's back to school!

Aidan continues to do really well at the Cold Rush lessons on Wednesday morning.  He has a few things to practice off ice, but otherwise he is doing really really well.  I found out last Wednesday that Aidan is being groomed for Xtreme.  If he continues to work like he has been, he shouldn't have any problem making it for his birth year next Spring.  I'm fairly certain he'll make the Select travel team this Fall/Winter as well as next Spring, which will only enhance his chances of making Xtreme.  As well as making our lives pretty hectic with two hockey teams to deal with again!!

And finally, the kids in our neighborhood have been doing Talent Shows the last few weeks.   So cute.   However, I am going to have to ask that they limit them to Friday and Saturday.  We did one this past week on Tuesday and it was just too much and too late. . .the kids got too riled up and Aidan began crying (he was overtired) when he got hit by a stray ball. . .and then he told me at bedtime, "Mama, I'm breaking up with Zack."  : 0  Oh!  Okay, buddy!!

Not to worry!  They have played together since then!  : )

And, on that note, I think I'll head downstairs to finish that laundry and plug in a good chick flick. . .one I don't usually get to watch with boys around. . .not sure which one yet, but I know it will be good!! 

Have a great weekend!!


Joy said...

I LOVE to shop alone. It looks like you got some really good deals.

Shelly said...

You are kidding!! That was all of Aidan's school supplies?????? Move me to your school!! And enjoy the peace and serenity of shopping without a timeline to get back home!!!