Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Already!

Oh my.  It's October already.  It is actually looking a lot like early October outside, too.  The leaves are beginning to change.  The light has definitely changed: the sun comes up later and goes down earlier.  The nights are cool.  In fact, we've had some pretty cold mornings. . .a couple even in the 30's already.  It will be warmer this week--mid 80's--but that will end and we'll be heading lower, I think. 

Mr. Halloween has picked his costume and is really ready for Halloween.  I'm sure when he gets up this morning, he'll be thinking about the next thing we can do to prepare for the big day.  We have put a few things up outside:  a witch, a scarecrow, a spider. . .we have a web still to put up, although we want to put that in the porch with the spider.  And we have bought a few pumpkins.  Harris Teeters had them for $5.00!  I couldn't pass up that good of a deal!

We have also put a few things up in the house.  Just some little pumpkins and trinkets to had some flavor.  And put out the ceramic Jack-o-Lantern on the Dining Room table that Pat grew up with. 

Next up will be the little gel cling things that Aidan likes to put on the windows.  Maybe we'll do that this weekend. . .

Aidan continues to do really well in school.  I will have my conference with his teacher on the 15th.  So, far, I think he is progressing very well in Second Grade.  I actually think he likes school!  And, we have worked out a system where he does his homework as soon as he gets home, except his reading, then he can play outside until dinner.  Bath after dinner and then he reads to us at the kitchen table.  This leaves bedtime so much less stressful!  And I can then read to him and let him just relax.  Only bad part is that because we like to try to get him to bed at 8:00, it doesn't leave much time for family relax time. . .but it's working.

Aidan is still doing really really well in hockey.  Last weekend his team played a team that has two boys on it that he played Selects with last Spring.  It was a really good game.  Aidan was not assigned to play a particular position--which drives me crazy with this coach!--but he really did some great defense against the one boy who is really good on the other team.  He also had some great assists AND a hat trick.  The score was back and forth the whole game but our boys lost by one in the end.  For some inexplicable reason, Aidan's coach changed his line during the last couple of shifts so he was no longer able to defend against the really good player. . .who did score the winning goal for their team.  Anyway. . .

We're supposed to hear at any time if Aidan's coach has put him in for Select Tryouts for this Fall/Winter.  This coach is very slow and getting information out, so I am left trying to guess if I should leave our schedule clear for this coming weekend or not.  I strongly dislike that.  I can't see a reason why Aidan's name wouldn't be put in, but you never know. 

There wasn't any football last weekend, yeah! 

The porch continues to progress.  I may need to ask Pat to ask our contractor to finish  it up already.  I mean, really.  He began this soooooo long ago!  I was home sick last week and I got a little angry because every time I looked out the window, I saw him working--with his phone stick to his ear!!  Kind of hard to work with one hand, dontcha think???  Anyway, there really isn't a lot left to do so I'm really hoping it will be complete soon.  Really.

That's about it.  Have a great week!

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