Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid January Already!

Time is just flying by!  So much is happening and so much is on the schedule to happen.  Where to I begin to talk about it?

To begin with, aren't you all glad that cold snap didn't last any longer than it did?  It was so cold!  Anytime I see a minus sign on the thermometer, even when I'm inside my nice warm home, I feel cold.


But, our recent weeks have been in the ice house so much that the weather outside is not a huge problem.  The ice house is open regardless of the weather!

A couple of weekends ago, Aidan had his House League practice on Friday, then on Saturday evening we drove down to Dale City for a game--which our boys won!  and then Sunday morning, we drove over to Bowie, Maryland for another game--which our boys also won!!  Aidan played really really well in both games.  He's really coming along in his skills.  He has been working on a Sharp Angle Shot (basically a top shelf shot from the side and almost behind the net) with a lot of success.  I can't wait to see him do this for his travel team.  It worked perfectly for his House League team this weekend.
Puck handling during game against Bowie. . .
Aidan scores!!!  See the puck in the back of the net??

He's been invited to be on an elite team this spring and summer.  It's pretty exciting.  I've been told only four boys in his birth year from his ice house will be on this team.  I think there will 14 or 16 boys from different ice houses in our area, all 2006 birth year.  With this team, we'll be travelling for sure to Connecticut , New Jersey, and Maine over the summer.  There's a fourth tournament in Massachusetts which we might go to, but we'll see.  It's right before school starts and his other team will be gearing up by that time.  We'll probably make a vacation out of one or two of these trips.  Already setting up to be a fun and exciting summer!

A few weeks ago, Grandma gave Aidan a bag of coins.  We finally sat down to sort, count and wrap the coins.  At first, Aidan said he was very excited to be doing this with me.
This is really fun, mama, counting money with you!
 Then, he told me how bored he was. . . .

Mama, this is really pretty boring. . .do I have to keep doing this???

Then he was gone. . .
Aidan is no where in sight. . .sigh. . .

So, those coins are being deposited, in total, into his savings account. . .if you aren't going to put in the time, buddy, no fun will come of these coins!!  : )  So sayeth the Mama who wrapped them all. . .

My mom is back in the hospital again.  She fell and broke her hip.  Luckily it wasn't the one she had already had replaced a couple of years ago.  I guess that's a luckily.  Anyway, she is very very sick.  Her white blood cell count is extremely high.  Hopefully the infection that she has can be controlled enough for her to have the surgery.  Prayers are requested. . .

And I just found out that I have Celiac Disease.  Crazy.  I have been anemic for a while and felt run down.  But my tiredness I attributed to being my age with a very active 7 year old boy.  But, when the anemia didn't respond to the iron supplements my doctor put me on, further tests were done.  It's a definite.  I have Celiac Disease.  And the really awful, sad, but still kind of funny thing is that I have been eating Cream of Wheat every morning for breakfast in an effort to be healthy and to boost my iron!  I had no idea I was actually kind of poisoning myself.  And so, we are on a Gluten Free diet now.  Me, totally and my boys somewhat.  I have to be careful, though and not let my food be contaminated by the gluten in food the guys are eating. We had chicken thighs cooked over Cannelini beans and grape tomatoes that were tossed in olive oil, fresh thyme and fresh basil with a little cracked pepper and sea salt last night.  Yum!!  Tonight we're trying Italien beef and peppers over mashed potatoes.  Looks like it will be good, too!

That's about it.  This weekend there are no House League practices or games.  But Aidan's travel team has two games:  Reston on Saturday and NoVa on Sunday.  And then we'll begin the celebration of Daddy turning 50!!  I know he's glad I wrote that. . .  : )

Have a great rest of the week!


Fatcat said...

Look at
for a ton of gluten free crockpot recipes. Also,

I have been gluten free for 4 years. It gets easier. :-)

Joy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I will pray for her. As far as the Celiac disease goes that stinks. Thank goodness you are a really good cook. My two have ventured onto a can of tuna (straight from the can) and chocolate pudding. I think that may be worse than the frozen PBJ sandwiches. It looks like Aidan has is quite talented. I can not even imagine how busy you are.