Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Well, it is winter.  And winter around here frequently means snow.  And when we get snow. . .sometimes just the mention of snow. . .our schools close.  This time we did get over 8 inches and the temperature dropped like a rock and the wind picked up.  Miserable.  Glad to be home!

Aidan spent the better part of yesterday outside.  Either shoveling or playing.  He came in for a nice warm lunch and to warm up for a bit by the fire, though.  I kept the fire going all day.  It was nice to sit by it while that snow piled up outside.

I didn't just goof off though.  I actually cleaned out our file folders and got everything together to be ready for tax time.  We still need a few more statements, but otherwise I'm ready!

Yesterday was also Pat's birthday.  Not very fun for him, though.  He had to work.  But we made up for it by making a nice pot roast for dinner and then a dessert of brownies with gluten free ice cream (I didn't have the brownie though.)  Gifts were given and Aidan sang!!  Hilarious.  Poor Pat. . .

Aidan was off on Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday.  It was a scheduled day off for Pat so the boys went hunting for duck and rabbit. . .I don't know what we'll do with these things and I am not a fan of Aidan hunting, but it will happen I guess.  He seemed to have a great time and didn't come home traumatized.  So, I'll just have to let my mommy feelings go on this one.

Aidan's hockey team racked up two more wins this past weekend.  We only have one Travel game this coming weekend--in Southern Maryland.  But we have House League games on Friday and on Sunday, so we'll still be busy with hockey!  It's fun to watch and lately a lot more fun than the Capitals!  yes, I said that out loud. . .

So far, I'm doing pretty good on this new gluten free diet.  It does take a lot more planning, but I have to admit I really am enjoying the cooking.  And I have to also admit all of the fresh herbs and spices in the cooking is really noticeable!  We were definitely using too much processed food. . .So far, we like the Chicken with Canneloni and Tomatoes; Gluten Free Pot Roast; and Cuban Black Beans and Rice with roasted Chicken.  We didn't care much for the Italien Beef over Mashed Potatoes.  It wasn't bad, it just wasn't one we'll likely do again.  Thanks go out to a nice lady who sent me a comment with a couple of websites for gluten free!  The pot roast recipe came from one of those!

My mom is recovering from her latest hip replacement surgery, but very slowly.  The hip is healing very well.  She has a lot of other issues as a result of the cancer and cancer treatment though which are causing so many problems for her.  I think she is moving out of the hospital today and going into the Rehab Center.  We're looking at Assisted Living places near my older sister because we just don't think she can live on her own anymore.  She keeps falling. . .

That's about it for now.  Stay warm, especially if you're out here in the East.  We're back in the Vortex today!  (Sure wish that thing would stay in the Artic. . .)

Have a great rest of the week!

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