Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh My!

We have been having some big Oh My moments lately.  Let's start with the weather. . .

Because of the snow last week, our schools ended up being closed the entire week.  Really.  It was only somewhere between 8 and 9 inches, but we were closed.  Okay, so I got why on Tuesday.  Maybe even Wednesday because some of the streets to the west of us are mountainous and unpaved so they can't be plowed and so the school buses can't get to the kids. . .nice long run on sentence, eh?  But Thursday??  Really???  And then because this Monday was supposed to be a Teacher work day for the Quarter Break (did they even go enough to make a quarter???) they decided to close Friday and be open on Monday.  Really messes with the day care situation.

My office was open all but Tuesday.  So, not realizing Aidan would be off all week, I took him to work with me on Wednesday.  He was really good.  Surprisingly good.  He drew pictures, did his homework and even helped people out.  We ate lunch together and then Pat picked him up when he got off work.  Perfect!  Thursday I had to take him to Winwood ($70.00) for the day. And then Friday I had our neighbor girl watch him for the day ($50.00).  If you're keeping track, that snow cost me $120.00!    Oh My!

Moving on. . .

Aidan's hockey team had a game in Waldorf, Maryland on Saturday afternoon.  The drive was 1 1/2 hours each way and we were there for a little over 2 hours, 1 for the pregame warm up, 1 for the game, and then a little extra for a Coach's meeting with the '06 parents.  We left the house at 10:45 and got home at 4:30.  And the car is now covered in salt. . .It looks pink instead of red!

The Southern Maryland Sabres were also undefeated.  When the kids came out and did the on ice warm up, this boy came out
And he was the opposing player against Aidan!!  I swear he was three times Aidan's size. . .but my baby out skated and out manouvered him!!!  And Aidan's team won 5-0!!!  A shut out!!!  And then we heard the boys on the other team crying in the locker room because they lost. . .  : (

Oh My!!

Gluten Free life continues.  I've gotten pretty good about the eating part.  I have had a couple of contamination instances but my reaction is pretty minimal--red cheeks and nose and face very warm.  I didn't realize in the past that these were Gluten reactions.  Interesting. . .So now I'm moving on to cosmetics and other personal products.  I'll be picking up Tom's of Maine toothpaste and deoderant this weekend along with a mascara I know I can use.  The regular make up I already use is Bare Minerals so I'm safe there.  But, I do wear lipstick.  And the best ones I need to order. . .to the tune of $20.00 per tube!  This is getting expensive people. . .

Oh My!!

Although the yard is locked in an icy grip, Pat and I have been talking about our patio that we want to put in this Spring.  And I've been thinking about a Kitchen Garden too.  I love growing things in the dirt and since we're redoing our back yard anyway, I thought we could change up our vegetable garden and put in things, in a bit more moderation than in the past, that I am really using in our new Gluten Free cooking.  I've been covetously staring at a seed catalog which specializes in Kitchen Gardens. . .I have a list. . .And I can't wait!!

That's not really an Oh My, except that it's depressing that the yard is locked in an icy grip!

Pat has been moving things around in our house.  The couch and TV that had been in the Rec Room are now in the Man Cave.  The couch that had been in the Family Room is now in the Rec Room and he wants to take the two chairs down there too.  The old couch that had been in the Rec Room is awaiting pick up to go to the dump. . .which all leaves the Family Room empty.  I guess we're going furniture shopping. . .

Oh My!!!

And finally, my mom. . .I don't know what to say about this.  She is at the Rehab Center, but her orthopeadic doctor thinks she'll be there 3-4 months and then she cannot go home and live alone again.  She has severe osteoporosis and even a minor bump can shatter her bones.  She currently has a fracture in her leg that no one is sure how it happened.  Added to that is the possibility she has leukemia--although she refuses to see her oncologist because she just doesn't want to know.  And she has been fighting with my sisters about where she is going to live after the Rehab Center.  I really don't know what to do.  I just ask for some prayers.

That's about it.  Aidan's team has two games this weekend and both, thankfully, are at home.  Other than that, we are hanging out and watching the Super Bowl and just relaxing.  For a change.  Oh My!!!  : )

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