Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Court Postponement

So, we aren’t finished with Court yet. We have been postponed until tomorrow. We completed all of our questioning and presented all of our documents. I presented for the two of us and was questioned by the Judge and Prosecutor. Pat was asked a few follow up questions after agreeing to everything I said. After that was complete, Galina, the Director of the orphanage, presented that she felt we were a good fit for Aidan. She indicated that Aidan appeared to recognize me when he entered the playroom (he really did!). He did cry some, but it was more of a sympathy cry because the other child was crying a great deal. He allowed me to pick him up and we played for the entire two hours. At the end, Aidan didn’t want to leave me and cried. He was holding on to me so tight, I wasn’t sure he would let go. It was truly amazing. Galina testified to this.

But, the issue was with the Ministry of Education. Apparently, they did not go to the former address of Aidan’s mother to make sure no family lived there anymore or that they wanted him. Aidan’s mother signed the paper work to put him up for adoption two days after his birth and then never came to see him at the orphanage. Not even once. When the Ministry of Education checked on her whereabouts, she was not at the address she had indicated. There was no further checking. The judge has asked that the Ministry of Education check back at the address to see if there is anyone living there that is a relative.

We have been told this is a formality and that it will not change our schedule any. I pray that it won’t! We’re hoping that this is being resolved right now as I type and that we will be back in court tomorrow morning to finalize this part of the process. I won’t say it’s not disappointing, but I have to pray that nothing further will delay things. And, at least we won’t have to go through the rest of the hearing again! We were at the completion of the hearing and what we will have to go back for is just a formality. Please pray with us that this will be fixed today!

I’ll tell you more about the court process some other time. My mind is really tired from it at this point.

But, here is some information for anyone preparing to come over that we didn’t know: Make sure you bring your entire Dossier with you including your financials and poverty guidelines. Your financials are gone over during court and they may ask about your poverty level. Fortunately for us, our financial information is pretty simple and was also detailed in the Home Study, which we do have with us. Also, bring a photo album of pictures from the first trip and include pictures that are not with those submitted to the court. Fortunately for us, we had our digital camera with us and were able to go to a One Hour Photo shop last night to have more pictures printed. We also bought a picture album there so we were able to set that up before court today. And, make sure you know the medical history of the child. Thankfully, we have gone over that and over that and know his history like the backs of our hands!

So, we’re hoping to give you more news tomorrow. I’m hoping we will also get to see Aidan again tomorrow. He’s grown so much! Please keep us in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure God is on your side right now and so are we! We will continue to pray for you all! Can't wait to see your happiness in your blog after today! LOVE YOU ALL! His pictures are adorable. He is just a cutie!