Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Citizenship Day

It's finally Spring and it is also Spring Break.  And with that comes beautiful flowers, warmer weather and a little much needed break from the hectic schedule.  And not a moment too soon, either!

We were beginning to wonder if Spring was ever going to really get here.  I had gone so far as to say out loud that I thought it might still be March, since the Forsythia is just now blooming. . .

Ah, but Spring is really here.  And the Cherry Blossoms have bloomed into all their gorgeousness!!!

And since today marks the 6th Anniversary of Aidan becoming a US Citizen, I had him climb our Cherry Tree to sit amongst the petals for a couple of American boy pictures.

Yes, flip flops are totally appropriate for tree climbing!!  : )

And hanging upside down is totally normal!!  : )

Out tree without the boy ornament.

Not long after these pictures were taken, Pat and our boy took off for a few days of fishing and turkey hunting.  No, Aidan will not hunt turkey.  He will, however, and much to my chagrin, shoot a gun.  Under strict supervision of his dad.  Who sent me a picture of said boy with gun as soon as they got to where they were going. . .

No, it doesn't make me very happy.  But, he's going to hunt with his dad and at least Pat is teaching him all the right and responsible things of gun handling.  Turns out he's a pretty good shot, now that he is shooting from the left!  Left eye dominant.

Back at the Harrison Manse, I got the beds made, floors re-cleaned, and laundry all caught up and then headed out to the porch to sit.  Not really planning to do anything else with my day either.  The dogs, and even the cat!, joined me. .  .In fact, Maggie decided to really get into relaxation mode!

Please don't ask me what she has done to the face of that stuffed animal!  I try very hard not to think about it. . .

And so, I have now finalized, during said porch relaxing time, my Easter menu and will send it off to my in-laws.  If only Easter could be this nice!!!

One final item to report, we decided, re-decided actually, to go back to the plan of redoing the kitchen counter tops.  Yesterday we ordered our granite and new sink.  They will be installed on the 26th!!  Woo Hoo!!!  It won't be in time for Easter, but that's okay.  I have so much to move out of the kitchen and will only have a week to do it!!  And paint, too!!!  Yikes.  But, so awesome.  And here is that granite. . .
And there you have it.  Time to move on to Spring!!!  New Things!!  And more good times. . .Except, it will be awfully quiet here without my boys for the next few days. . .

Have a blessed Palm Sunday and a wonderful week!

PS.  I just love having the windows open and hearing the children's shrieks of laughter and joy at playing freely outside. . .

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