Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Break and Easter

Aidan was on Spring Break all last week--remember when we used to call it Easter Break?

Anyway, I love that Loudoun County always has Spring Break the week just prior to Easter.  It makes sense with all of the Holy Week activities and so many people end up going away to visit family.

This year, Pat and Aidan went to a friends house a few hours south of us for a fishing and hunting trip.  By all accounts, the boys had a blast.  They did a lot of fishing, since the weather was nice. . .

 And they did a little hunting too.  However, this is what Aidan was actually doing during the hunting time. . .

Yes, that's my baby all camoflaged out.  Sound asleep!!!  Those early mornings are tough on my little man!

They also made it over to the most favorite man store in my house:  Bass Pro Shop!  Can't you hear Tim Allen grunting and hooting???
I actually like this store too.  It has a wonderful selection of canning things as well as clothing for ladies. . .and lots of hunting and fishing things.  It's almost an amusement park because of all the stuffed animals, fish ponds with large live fish, and a shooting gallery too.  And the restaurant!  We stopped there last year on the way back from the beach just to have lunch!

Anyhoo. . .They boys were gone from Sunday until Wednesday evening.  While they were gone, I enjoyed this sight:
Our beautiful Cherry Tree in full bloom!!!  It's lost its petals now, but it is leafing out nicely.
And I cleaned our several cabinets in the kitchen and all of them in the Laundry Room, where I found these. . .
Was Aidan's foot really that small???  Wow.

And why do we have so many vases????  And so many coffee mugs???  And why were we keeping so much stuff???  Our trash was pretty full last week.

My Kitchen is almost ready now for the new granite countertops.  They will be installed on May 3rd.  Can't wait!

On Thursday of last week, the boys got up and decided to go to a friends closer to home to do a little fishing and hunting.  Fishing carried the day, though!
I was off on Friday and was able to get all the grocery shopping done for Easter dinner.  Yeah!  AND Aidan had two play dates!  One was right up the street with a bunch of neighbor kids.  They died Easter eggs and did an Egg hunt.  How fun!!

These neighbors are new to our neighborhood and seem really really nice.  And they are close enough that I feel comfortable with Aidan running up there on his own.

The other play date was at our house with one of Aidan's school friends.  Evan is a cutie and I really like his parents.  They are also close, just the next street over.  However, you have to go out onto the main road in order to get to their street.  So, no just running over there!  Pat and I did wonder, though, how long it would take before Aidan is asking to ride his bike over there.  : /

Friday evening, we dyed our own Easter Eggs.  This is always a fun time for us.

On Saturday, I got the house completely ready for Easter, and did some of the prep work for Easter dinner.
And I made this awesome center piece for the table!!
I really loved how it turned out.  It is jelly beans on the bottom with peeps lining each side of the outside vase.  There is a smaller vase inside that holds the flowers.  And the idea can be carried into other holidays as well!  So fun!  And Aidan helped. . .

Easter was beautiful, if a bit cool.  Aidan was bored waiting for everyone to come over so we went for a walk/bike ride
And then we just hung out on the porch waiting for everyone to arrive. . .so we could do our Easter Egg hunt. . .which one egg did go missing again.  I'm not sure who got it, Maggie or Mosby.  But, one was definitely gone.

The week, and especially Easter, left me feeling happy and hopeful that we're truly on to Spring and a new life.  It was a nice week off from all the hecticness. . .that is, we were off from everything except hockey!  Of course. . .

Have a great rest of the week!

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