Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, April 4, 2014

Wonderfully Sparkling Character

Six years ago today, I woke up so excited!  It was a day that I had been waiting and waiting for.  It still felt like a dream, but the day had finally come.  After packing up our room and moving to a larger suite with a crib, we hung around our hotel, took a walk around town, hung around the hotel some more and finally. . .it was time to go.  Time to go and pick up our precious boy and become a family forever!

Yes, now that six years have passed, it's hard to believe he was this shy little guy who broke out into an amazingly active little boy as soon as he was brought out of that Baby Home. . .And by the time we got to Moscow with him a few days later, we knew he had a wonderfully sparkling character and was a fun loving, curious and joyous little boy. . .

And now, six years later, he's growing into a handsome little man who still has a wonderfully sparkling character and is still fun loving, curious, joyous and also super smart!

Last night was the Spring Concert at Aidan's school.  So fun!  The Chorus, comprised of fourth and fifth graders hold this every year and the entire Second Grade does the opening act.  Each of the Second Grade classes had something to do for each song.  Aidan's class used little noise maker things to accompany the opening and closing numbers: Hola! and Adios!  So cute!

I did film the closing number. . .  : )
And now, the only other thing I can say about my little guy that I didn't know about him six years ago. . .

He is absolutely obsessed with hockey!!!

Total Hockey has a small rink the kids can practice shooting the puck with selected sticks. . .Aidan LOVES going there. . .

Have a great weekend!!!  Yeah Spring!!!!

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